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Borchland is a restaurant, event, meeting and sports location in Amsterdam and surroundings. This prime location is on the edge of the bustling Amsterdam Zuidoost business center.

Den Belgiek

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Den Belgiek is the ideal location for those looking for an informal setting close to the Wall of Geraardsbergen and the Market. With 50 seats, a fixed projection screen, ... this location is suitable for meetings, after-work drinks, ...

Ludwigs Discobar

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A professional approach based on more than 31 years of experience. If it should sound really good at your wedding, birthday or communion party, at an anniversary or staff party, at a gala evening or when your club comes together in a festive way ...

Event House ltd

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Event House Limited is an event management company based in Nairobi that specialises in conceptualising, creating and executing memorable events for our private & corporate clientele across East Africa.

Tentacle Studio

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Tentacle Studio have over 20 years of professional experience in creating unique costumes, props, promotional suits, mascots and ingenious sets. Everything is custom and made to your liking.

Idoneo bvba

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Classic Design Rental

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Our main activity consists of the rental of DESIGN and CLASSIC furniture from world famous brands such as Cassina, Knoll, Kartell, Flamant, Driade, Serralunga, Vitra, La Palma, Plust, Extremis, Fatboy ... and our own collection including tables, bars, bac


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Qusax specializes in customized photo marketing directly linked to social media. Everything in-house for fast and successful execution.

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