Easily manage all the action points for your event with Callsheets.

Building call sheets in Excel is a hassle. And while there are better options out there, not everyone has access. But with Callsheets, you can easily manage all the action points for your big event in a few clicks. Easily assign ownership and share it with the whole team, all 100% free of charge.

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How to you create a script or callsheet for your event?

A playbook lists all the actions that need to happen before, during and after your event. It is a handy overview of who, what, when and where you have to do something. With the event software you no longer have to make your script in Excel, but you can do it online very quickly and share it with your entire team. You decide for yourself who can only view or modify the callsheet.


To use the online callsheet, you must first create an event. Once you've done this, you're good to go.


This is how it works:


Create an event

You can create a callsheet for every event you organize. This can be done directly from the script page, which is also accessible via the 'event software' link in the header of our website (if you are logged in).


Add actions to your callsheet

Click on 'add line' to add a new action to your callsheet. You will get a pop-up in which you can enter this data:


  • Start date/time: when should the task start? Enter both the date and the time.
  • End date/time: does the action have to be ready before a certain time? Then enter the end date and time here. If there is no specific end time for the task, you can leave it blank.
  • What: briefly describe 'what' must be done
  • Who: Start typing here the name of the person who should perform the action. Select the person in the dropdown. If the person has not yet been added to the event as a contact person, select 'add contact'. TIP! You can associate multiple contacts with one action.
  • Where: here you can enter the location. Handy for an event with multiple zones, for example.
  • Comments: here you can enter any additional comments.
  • Add to section: if there are multiple sections in your playbook (see below for more information) you can select one or more sections in which to display the action.


Click on 'add line' at the bottom to save the action. You will immediately see them appear in your callsheet.


Change/delete actions

You can change a line by clicking on it. You can then edit and save all fields or delete the line with the 'delete' button.



Sometimes it is useful to divide your script into sections. For example, a section for 'building up', 'day of the event' and one for 'breaking down'. It can also be useful to set up a section per day for events that run over several days.


By default, all actions fall into the 'default' section, but you can add additional segments via the 'add section' button. You can change the name of the sections by clicking on the pencil icon.



During your event you can always consult your script via the app, but sometimes it is just a little easier if you can print your script. So you can quickly catch up in the heat of battle and have a backup in case your internet connection goes down. The 'print' button at the top of your script takes you to a print-friendly version.

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