Top 5 Virtual Conferences to Attend in 2020
Hubilo|24 April 2020

Want to attend virtual conferences, but can’t go out of your city?

No trouble at all! The year 2020 is full of virtual events and conferences for you to attend. You can be anywhere in the world and attend events online.

Because virtually, you’re everywhere.

So grab the opportunities that come your way and be ready to make most out of your event experience.

Let’s get one point straight — Virtual conferences and events are more cost-effective than physical events by all means. In addition to that, you get your flexibility, freedom and multi-tasking while you attend online conferences.

Moreover, you’re guaranteed to get valuable ...

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Novid nv
EIP Digital Conference
Novid nv|09 January 2020

Making experiences real, everyday! Thanks @Ofcores, @The EGG Brussels en EIT Digital! #congres

39x 40" Full HD LCD screen, 4x laser projectors, Transparant 49" coolers, 2.0mm indoor LED-screen, break-out rooms, ...

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