Do you want to rent a classic carriage for your wedding? Or are you looking for a covered wagon, horse tram or other carriages? Thanks to, renting a carriage is super easy.


Carriages always make for a stately impression. They are therefore ideal for weddings, solemn ceremonies and other formal events. To rent a carriage quickly and easily, you have come to the right place at

Antique carriages, covered wagons and more

For every type of event, you can find a nice carriage on this page. For example, for weddings we have a lot of beautiful antique carriages. This way you can move yourself in style on the best day of your life. You can also rent a covered wagon or horse tram through our website. These are very useful for transporting large groups of people or as side animation at your event. And as icing on the cake, the coachmen always wear a matching outfit.

Add a business for free

From now on you can add a company to this overview for free. Simply create a business page and reach thousands of people who want to rent a carriage.

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