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Level up your resume with event tech skills that will keep you at the top of the events industry, backed by a certification that will prove your expertise.

Event Management Certification Programme

Learn all the ins and outs of eventplanner.net's powerful Event Management Software. Our online training videos (in English) will teach you how to use the software to design and manage all your events with ease. From simple meetings to the most complex conferences, weddings and festivals.


The online Event Management Certification course consists of approx. 1 hour of in-depth videos on every tool in the eventplanner.net event software suite. Your trainer, Kevin Van der Straeten will teach you everything you need to know. So you can get the most out of our free event management software.


Improve your event tech skills

Level up your resume with event tech skills that will keep you at the top of the events industry.

Build better events

Get the most out of our event software and smooth the event planning process, so you have more time to be creative.

Free certificate

Certification is included, provided you pass the short examination at the end of the course.

Elevate your career today!

Prove your event tech experience with credentials from eventplanner.net! Show clients and employers that you master the popular event management software as a real wizard.

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Master the eventplanner.net event management software through trial and error? Or opt for an online event management training about this handy software and take your knowledge and your career in event management to unprecedented heights at lightning speed.


As you know, eventplanner.net offers free event planning software that includes all the tools you need to plan and manage a great event. Now there is also the eventplanner.academy with online training in various modules, so that you can bring your knowledge of this software up to scratch in one go.

Who is this online course for?

Anyone who wants to organise events from small to large and who wants to do it in the best way can use the eventplanner.net event software. With the event management software training from eventplanner.net, you as an event professional, not only get the most out of this high-performance software, it helps you to focus on what is really important to you as an event professional, whether you are organising an international live event, a wedding, an exclusive VIP event, a corporate event or virtual and hybrid events. Your personal teacher Kevin Van der Straeten teaches you all the ins and outs of these powerful tools in various concise modules. From how to create an event in the software, to the different applications that are present in the software: Moodboards, Checklists, Callsheets and Budgets.


Maybe you are wondering if this training is something for you? And most importantly, do you qualify? No prior knowledge is required for this online training and certification. It does not matter whether you are a starter, lateral entrant or very experienced event professional with a lot of management skills. What you do need: a lot of desire to get to know the best event software on the market through and through.


As a reminder. The free event planning software from eventplanner.net has all the tools you need as an event management pro to plan events. You can share these tools with your entire event team and also with suppliers and even customers. Moodboards is the tool to collect and organise all your ideas. With Callsheets or playbooks you create a complete overview of all actions that need to be done before, during and after your event. It's about who, what, when and where to do something. Checklists is the project management tool that allows you to easily assign tasks to your team and clearly monitor their status. And last but not least, with Budgets you keep track of all your event-related expenses and also the income.


The course language is English.

Event planning certification

At eventplanner.academy, completing the event management course to master this software is only the beginning. If you wish, you can also get your event planner certificate as an event manager or event professional. You can put that certificate on your CV or on your socials, you can even shout it from the rooftops.


How do you obtain this certificate? After the online training, a short exam is provided. If you pass this, you are a proud owner of the eventplanner.net event management certificate. With the certificate you prove in black and white that you meet the quality requirements and know the software of the largest event planner community in the world and know how to use it. And good to know: certificates help companies make a choice when purchasing when they organise an event. So, no need to hesitate!


A question you may still be asking yourself: how long will my certificate be valid? In principle, there is no expiry date on the certificate. If significant changes are made to the software in the future, or important applications are added, a personal recertification may be required. We will keep you informed about that.

Why an online event management software course?

The biggest advantage of this training about eventplanner.net's event management software is to follow it online with your personal teacher Kevin Van der Straeten. Via e-learning you can follow the different modules at your own pace. You decide not only how fast or how slow you go, but also where you will follow the training (at the office, at your home, somewhere on the other side of the world in a completely different time zone?). And finally, you follow your training whenever you want. Are you a morning person or rather an evening person? Are you wide awake in the middle of the night and don't like anything on the streaming services anymore? You choose when you get started with your event management software course. Your learning path couldn't be more personal.

What you need for the event planner training

To follow your training, all you need is a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone and stable internet. Ideally, you are also looking for a quiet spot. But with a good headset (read noise cancelling) you can go a long way.

Convinced of this online training and certification?

Do you want to master the powerful event software of eventplanner.net in an efficient way? Super! The event management course for this tool is ready for you. You pay €99 for the training and the exam. Once your payment clears, you will immediately have access to the course platform where you will find the various training modules. These modules are: Setting up events, Moodboards, Checklists, Callsheets, Budgets and Contacts. The language setting of the videos is English.


You get immediate access to the training platform, but no stress. When you start and what rhythm you maintain, that's entirely up to you. The same goes for when you take the exam. The platform is accessible 24/7 and very intuitive. Good luck with it!


Start now!

PS, want to organise an event?

To be clear, learning how to organise an event is not something you do through this e-learning course. With this training you will pick up knowledge and tips and tricks about the eventplanner.net event management software. You prove that you are able to use the software to plan, organise and manage an event. You can become a real event pro in other ways. You can boost your personal development by completing a good course. Another option: decorating an internship where you can put your knowledge about a virtual event into practice, for example. Or a way to learn the trade that we highly recommend: reading the book EVENTS 2 from A to Z. Author Kevin Van der Straeten takes you to all corners and sides of the event world, up to and including the latest updates. The book offers a complete toolbox to make your event a success, you won't be able to put it down.


Who is this online course for?

For everyone who wants to organise events, from small to large, and who wants to do it in the best way by using the eventplanner.net event software. The training is also suitable for both experienced event planners and novice organisers (for example if you want to organise your own wedding).

Do you need prior knowledge to take this online course?

No prior knowledge is necessary. There are no entry requirements. What you must have: the desire to get the most out of the software when organising events.


The training is suitable for novice event professionals and experienced professionals. You can then use the software to organise all kinds of events, from private parties such as weddings and birthday parties to company parties and mega festivals.


NB! In this online training you will learn how to use the eventplanner.net software to the maximum. You don't learn how to organise an event. There are other courses for that and our book EVENTS 2.

What modules does the course consist of?

The training consists of six modules or courses, which together form the complete overview of the event software. The modules are: Setting up events, Moodboards, Checklists, Callsheets, Budgets and Contacts. The six modules are short courses, lasting between 5 and 15 minutes.


You can view the modules whenever you want. Just review and repeat? No problem. Once you have mastered everything, you will start the short exam, which will allow you to obtain your certificate.

What language is this course taught in?

Kevin Van der Straeten, founder and CEO of eventplanner.net, presents this professional online course in English.

How does the online course work practically?

First, you take care of the payment and then you immediately get access to the user-friendly course platform. There you can see the different modules and access to the exam neatly in a row. You can follow the video lessons on your laptop as well as on a tablet or smartphone. All content is also neatly written out for you if you want to read everything again.

When can I follow the modules?

Once you have access to the modules and the exam, the platform is available 24/7. You study the training at your own pace and at the time that suits you. The same applies to the exam.

What happens after the exam?

After completing the exam, you will receive the certificate from eventplanner.net. This certificate confirms that you have followed all modules and have successfully completed the exam. You can now demonstrate that you can use the eventplanner.net software for organising events. And that can be a great asset on your resume! So be sure to share your certificate on LinkedIn as well.

How long is the certificate valid?

In principle, there is no expiry date on your certificate. If important new features are launched in the future, we will organise a recertification and you will take a new exam after following the new modules.