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The advantage of working with event planning software as an event professional? You have all your valuable data about the event you are going to organise in one well-arranged place, where you and your colleagues can work on your event together. But there are many other advantages to working with an online event management software. Your ROI (Return On Investment) for example.


Is your event planning tool still in Excel? What will you do when your projects get bigger? You get more target groups, more staff and more locations? When you are organising multiple events in parallel? Perhaps you are going abroad? How do you handle it if you no longer only organise a live event, but also an online or hybrid one? Event coordinator was recently named in the top five most stressful jobs, with some organisers working up to 20 hours a day. Can you take that much longer? Do you still see the forest for the trees when managing your events? Not sure anymore? Maybe it's time for a change! Time to get to know (free) event planning tools!


Event planner software are user-friendly and smart planning tools that you can use when organising your events. An online event management tool not only improves the planning of your activities, this way of working also has an impact on the return on your events. And that makes further growth of your activities possible. The sky is the limit, and isn't that what we all do it for?

The why of event planning software

Event management software connects all parts of your event organisation. You no longer have to work with different (online or offline) systems, saving yourself and your team time and making fewer mistakes because you always work with real-time information. Time is money, that has been scientifically proven.


An overview of all this event information (such as tasks, to dos, budget, scenarios, ...) also gives you a better insight into your total planning process. After your event you can get to work with this data, which is a good basis for further optimising your processes and thus creating even more added value. A professional event planning software therefore not only supports your flexibility and productivity, but ultimately also the ability of your company to grow further in the future.


eventplanner.net developed surprisingly versatile and fully integrated event planning software for the event professional who wants to organise his affairs in a structured way and at the same time also wants to grow further with his company. 'Based on our knowledge and experience in this beautiful sector, we know perfectly which issues people in the event industry face. That is why we developed this user-friendly and efficient event planning software together with our developers', says Kevin Van der Straeten, founder of eventplanner. Everything you need to know about the various useful functionalities can be found here:


Moodboards is the event management software where you as an event professional can collect all your ideas and share them with your fellow organisers.


Mood boards are super useful if you are going to organise events. Either for an event planning in progress, or when you proactively want to gain some inspiration for a future event. With the free event planner software Moodboards from eventplanner.net you can collect all your visual ideas that show a feeling, emotions, atmosphere or ambiance. You also pin special event venues, innovative suppliers such as caterers or entertainment and animation and other interesting ideas and tips about suitable event decoration, furnishing and technical infrastructure for your event. You can also pin the TV broadcasts or articles of eventplanner.net to your mood board in no time.


The collage of ideas helps you as an event organiser to shape your creative vision and to realise your plans. Not only do you collect this inspiring information, with these online event management tools you also share it with your co-organisers or event suppliers. All your event ideas are in one online place. Moodboards is the Pinterest of event planners, as it were.


With the Checklists event planning software you can keep an eye on every important detail of your event.


Are you organising an event? Then you normally start with a to-do list. In the Checklists application of the eventplanner.net software you not only create tasks, you also describe them, indicate a priority, indicate the progress of the task (via a simple drag-and-drop) and who is responsible for it ( the owner).


As an event planner you are usually busy. To make it even easier for you, this event organiser tool is therefore pre-filled with items that are tailored to the type of event you are organising. It couldn't be easier and you will save a lot of time! If there is an item that does not fit into your event planning, you can easily remove it in this event planning software. Or you can easily add new items that are important for your event. In short, the eventplanner.net Checklists is a full-fledged project management tool that should not be missing in your set of efficient planning tools.


With the online event tool Callsheets you can easily manage all action points for your event.


With this online event management tool from eventplanner.net, you keep an overview and structure of before, after and during your event. You can easily manage all action points and integrate them seamlessly into your project plan. You can include practical matters as well as more technical aspects in this project management software: the start and end date and time of your event, what needs to be done, who is responsible for the task and where (the place or the sub-locations where your event will take place). All information is presented visually, attractively and clearly.


You can also perfectly divide your call sheet into different parts or sections. This breakdown is very clear: the preparation of your event, the set-up, the day of your event itself and the dismantling afterwards. You can easily share all this info with your entire team, from your internal event employee to your external suppliers.


Money, money, money! With the online tool Budgets, you keep an overview of your event budget! You include all event costs and also add income from, for example, ticket sales or sponsorship. This way, your business case is complete.


If you increase or decrease the number of guests parameter, the rest of the costs will automatically adjust. Handy, right? And if you are organising a professional event, you add all prices exclusive of VAT in the advanced mode of the tool, and Budgets calculates the VAT for you.


Event planning software but not as you know it

With the integrated event planning software from eventplanner.net you have one central place where all the valuable information you need as an event planner is located. The tool is perfectly suited for small, large and online events: from seminars to trade fairs, from mega music festivals to intimate concerts, from team buildings to staff parties and also larger private parties such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings and retirement celebrations.


And last but not least, eventplanner.net's event planning software is not only your faithful helper in organising fantastic, wonderful, mindblowing events, this event management software is completely free.


Free? Your event planning software from eventplanner.net is absolutely free. You get:

  • An unlimited number of events you can create

  • An unlimited number of users or contacts

  • An unlimited amount of data you can store

  • We promise that in the near future we will add even more features and tools to our event planner software for organising events so that we can serve you even better in the future.

So it's better to ask yourself: why don't I use these tools? Are you organising a wedding? Be sure to check out our wedding planning software page.

Would you like to become acquainted with event software from eventplanner.net?

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