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25 reviews

Original team building activities on our farm, where hilarious moments are central in the meadow, the hay barn and in the cowshed. We prepare fun programs for everyone, ranging from 'just for fun' to team building.

Anthony Holt

12 reviews

Magician Anthony Holt is the perfect magician for your next event. Because of his studies as an event manager, he know how important it is to create a unique experience.

Novid nv

5 reviews

At Novid, we rent out and sell audiovisual equipment. In collaboration with our clients, we design the most creative and authentic complete experiences, combining prime quality audiovisual technology with a flexible and personalised service.

Akkoord gospelgroep

11 reviews

A gang of enthusiastic singers and musicians from South Limburg (B) who bring infectious and poignant gospel.

Factotum events & projects bv

40 reviews

Dream of a top event without lying awake. You in the lead role we know behind the scenes, fac-totum events & projects!


34 reviews

Eventix is the fastest growing ticketing system in the Benelux. Thanks to our user-friendly software, you can sell more tickets with less effort and at a very competitive rate.

Yvent mobiele bar

5 reviews

Pleasant! I am Yannick De Blander, bartender and mixologist from Geraardsbergen. For many years I have been passionate about bartending and the cocktail world.

The Bobbleshop

10 reviews

With The BobbleShop you can make a 3D scan of your face super fast. Then you choose a figure from the catalog and a few days later you have a unique 3D doll of yourself at home!


9 reviews

PLATEAU is a cozy, homely furnished multifunctional space in which people and teams quickly feel good and can function, work or learn together, enjoy, ...