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Weemss is an award-winning event ticketing & registration software for innovative event organizers. Everything you need to create, promote and manage your events.

Parkhotel De Bosrand

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Parkhotel De Bosrand is an ideal place for inspiration and undisturbed meetings in the vicinity of forest & nature.


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Looking for an original team building? We can help with that, we regularly organize workshops for companies.

Rent-a-party bvba

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From rental to total concept for private and professional We see every event as a unique total experience, an unforgettable experience for yourself, your guests or customers. We are looking for the right atmosphere setting.


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Music café with DJ Johnathan or guest DJs every weekend. Friday evening and Saturday evening dance café. Free meeting room / party room.

Crazzle Casino Events

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You don't go to the casino, the casino comes to your chosen location. It will be a casino night in style, with traditional dark red casino tables and classy croupiers. Fake money, real fun!

aMuSe events

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At aMuSe events you can organize all your parties (wedding, baby shower, communion, birthday, ...).

Zaal AthenA - Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerpen

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Every event requires a special decoration, an extraordinary decor. No investment in this area is necessary in AthenA Room. This room is a perfect marriage between a daring and current view of art and architecture.

Stokers nv

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Located in Antwerp, near Berchem station, you can find a new event location since 10 September 2018, namely Stokers.