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InitLive Inc.

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InitLive is an event technology company based in Ottawa, Canada, founded in late 2013 by the mother-daughter team Debbie and Melissa Pinard. 


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This year, Touristram is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Antwerp. Since 1994, the company has had its permanent place of departure at Groenplaats and transports around 20,000 tourists annually.


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We take the stress out of event logistics, so you can focus on bringing your ideas to life. Don't just mark the occasion, make your mark with The ROC.

Big Bugs Show

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BIG BUGS SHOW is a satirical urban legend about the beetles who grow to enormous proportions because of consumption of junk food and breathtaking amounts of food-waste being available to them on the streets of the big cities.

EasyFloat ponton systemen

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We love to be part of festivals and help them out with staging/traffic management. Some examples are bridges serving as emergency exits or getting visitors from one side of a lake to the other side. We can also provide a stage floating on the water.

The Frontline Company

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The Frontline Company is a people agency with passion and commitment. Our staff is the first face of your event, they set the tone when welcoming your guests.

ECC Leiden

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ECC Leiden, the biggest venue in Leiden, is a new venue for conferences and events that can accommodate large, medium and even multi-day national and international conferences and events.


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