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Buying a suit because you are expected at a wedding, funeral, business meeting, gala evening, ...? You can buy beautiful ceremonial clothing at the companies on this list. And 'les gouts et les couleurs': there is something for everyone.

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As a celebrated brand known for its luxury designer dresses, CRISTALLINI offers sophisticated collections of fashion wear crafted with the finest French and Italian fabrics.

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Winnie Couture

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Winnie Couture, a luxury bridal brand, offers an unmatched bridal shopping experience that embodies elegance, glamour, and sophistication.

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Avothea | Feest- en Theaterwinkel

Avothea | Feest- en Theaterwinkel

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Avothea, everything for theater, brings the magic of theater costumes and accessories to life for your event. Our own studio realizes the most beautiful concepts in both rental and sales.

Huis Maes Kostumier

Huis Maes Kostumier

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Huis Maes located in Tielt has been specializing for 4 generations in renting and selling high-quality historical and thematic clothing, for theater, theater, event agencies, city councils and private occasions.

Jacki Collet

Jacki Collet

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You are talking about the outfit in which you want to get married, impress, work, or go out for dinner as soon as possible. Jacki Collet, your fashion brand with a thought, cut to fit yours. 100% Belgian - Designed by Elke Peeters.

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Adama Business Kleding

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The specialist in representative clothing for both men and women, catering clothing and footwear. Do you have problems with special sizes? We solve them.

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Vossen Fashion - T-Forum

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Vossen Mannenmode offers you a total concept in both sales and rental. With us you will find the following brands: Hugo, Van Gils, Cossmo, Etiem, Paul Smith, Scabal, Roy Robson, Digel ...

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Dansschool Ghoenghroe ki Pukar

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For all your parties we provide Bollywood dance workshops, Bollywood dance performances, Bollywood photo reports, rental of Indian and Western clothing, rental of Indian decoration and fully catered fashion shows.

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Buy ceremonial clothing

Finding stylish ceremonial attire is not so obvious. In recent years, comfortable clothing has completely broken through, and you can see that in the shopping streets, in online shops, and probably also in your wardrobe (or dressing room). Yet, there are still regular occasions where formal ceremonial clothing is desirable, such as gala evenings, opera performances, weddings, but also mournful gatherings such as funerals, cremations, or official commemorations. On these official occasions, you wear formal attire with style and character. Calling in a specialist if you are going to buy a formal suit is a good idea. How do you find that expert? made a handy overview for you with the best places to buy a suit, buy a tuxedo, buy a tailcoat, or buy a prom dress.

Which ceremony attire is suitable for which occasion?

What do you pay attention to when you buy a men's suit? Of course, the fit, colour, and quality of the fabric. In addition, the costume should suit the occasion, the time of day (daytime or evening), the season, and even the climate. Are you going to buy a suit for an official occasion in a hot country? Then the best fabrics are cotton, linen, or a light type of wool.

Which clothes belong to which dress code? That is useful to know if you are going to buy a suit. There are many concepts circulating under the term ceremonial attire.

Evening wear, for example, may sound a bit frivolous, but it is still a fairly formal dress code. Evening wear is worn at weddings, openings, outdoor parties, or beach parties. It is a neat dress code that is mainly worn during the day and is not too fancy. For men, that means a tailored suit. If you are requested to come in a tuxedo, then you go one step further and your suit has satin edges as a finish, for example, over the lapels. If your invitation says black tie, you should dress, as a man, in a black tuxedo with a white shirt. With a white tie, you come in a tuxedo with a white shirt and white tie. The cocktail dress code can be a bit more fun and frivolous, but it remains classy: read plain colours in a dark suit.

We provide you with some interesting vocabulary for when you buy costumes. A jacket is a coat with long panels and a flared front. You wear this in combination with striped trousers and matching dark waistcoat. You can wear a jacket during a wedding or gala party. You only wear a dress suit at a very official gala or banquet because it is the most formal dress code that exists in our Western society. A dress suit has a black or white jacket.

Buying a wedding suit?

A wedding is a party in itself, and as a groom, you and your partner are the centre of attention. Choosing a wedding suit is, therefore, an important decision. Turn to the experts in the list below. These professionals will ensure the perfect fit, which can be a slim fit or a regular fit, so that you shine like never before. They know which tailor-made suit is made for your body so that you purchase the perfect wedding suit! There is also a refined range for the ladies if you want to buy a wedding dress. has listed a lot of other suppliers here for you if you are going to organise a wedding party.

Also for accessories with your ceremony attire

Buying a tailored suit is often only the beginning of the complete outfit. With accessories, you complete your classic look. At first, you think of a shirt, but you can further complete your outfit with a belt or suspenders, a tie or bow, pocket square, foulard, shoes, of course, and why not, a waistcoat. The specialist suppliers on the list below offer a wide choice.

And then there are those little things that, like the clothes, make the man. Look at the buttons on your suit. For example, can you adjust them to match the theme colours of the party? Also think of cufflinks, they are completely back in style. You can also give a subtle or a very striking message with your stockings. You can often have ceremony clothing personalised with your name on it, or why not, with the name of your company.

Rather rent ceremony clothing?

Want to keep it budget-friendly? Or is buying a men's suit a bit exaggerated because you don't intend to wear that outfit more than once? Then you can also turn to the rental of ceremonial clothing and costumes.

Theatre costumes

Buy costumes? Maybe you need theatre costumes more specifically? You will find the right specialist supplier on the list below who has the best concepts or who makes them to measure. You can buy the costumes both new and pre-loved so that you look good in your next theatre production.

Buying a suit: how do you get started?

Where to buy a suit if you are getting married or if you have to go to an important party, private or professional, where formal wear is the dress code? At, we have developed something very easy: in the list below, you will find a wide range of specialist shops if you want to buy a men's suit, both ready-made and custom-made. You can search quickly via the filters, for example, by region. Look and compare! Good luck.

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