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Unauthorized use

You agree

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Pink Minds Media may work with external partners when offering certain information or services on this Website. Pink Minds Media cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any violation of any legal obligation, intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties by its partners and declines all responsibility for the information and services provided by its partners. Pink Minds Media will not be responsible for any incomplete or inexact information provided by its partners.

Trademarks and trade names

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Privacy and data protection

Pink Minds Media respects and protects your privacy. These Terms of Use inform you of our privacy policy and of the applicable legal framework.

Pink Minds Media does not collect personal data, unless you choose to share them. By filling out and sending an order form or a registration form or by sending an e-mail, you authorize Pink Minds Media to collect and save your personal data for automatic profiling, client management, market analysis and direct mailing by post. Your personal data can be transferred to Pink Minds Medias’ partners for these purposes. You have the right to access and correct your personal data. You have the right to oppose to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes at no cost. Any requests to access, correction or opposition may be addressed to

Your electronic contact data may be used by Pink Minds Media for direct e-mail marketing if you have authorized us to do so. Your prior authorization is however not required when we obtained your electronic contact data during the delivery of products or services by Pink Minds Media. You have the right to access and correct your electronic contact data. You have the right to oppose to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes at no cost. Any requests to access, correction or opposition may be addressed to

Automatic collection of anonymous data
Pink Minds Media may collect anonymous or aggregated data of a non-personal nature, such as browser type or IP address, your operating system or the domain name of the website through which you have visited or left the Event Planner Website. These data may be used to show you offers or promotions for products or services that may interest you.

During your visits to the Website cookies may be placed automatically on the hard disk of your computer. The data collected through these cookies helps us to improve our Website and adapt it to your wishes and preferences and may be used to show you offers and promotions of products and services that may interest you. Most Internet browsers allow you to remove cookies from your hard disk, to reject cookies or to receive a warning before a cookie is installed. Consult the instructions or help function of your Internet browser or of this Website for more details. If you accept cookies during your visit to this Website, these cookies may be used again during following visits.

IP addresses
By posting their reaction, etc. your IP address is identified and collected for the purpose of maximizing the authenticity and integrity of messages by avoiding postings under false names. In the event of complaints of presumed illicit or illegal conduct, we may be forced to hand over your IP address to the appropriate government bodies.

We also integrate with 3rd parties which are necessary for the operation and safety of our site. These 3rd parties may collect data from our users in this context. We use Google's reCAPTCHA to protect our web site (data collection in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy).

Unsubscribing to the newsletter of media event planner is easy. Simply click on the 'unsubscribe' link in the newsletters themselves. Your email address will be immediately removed from the mailing list. For questions or problems you can contact us by email, by post 'Fabriekstraat 38, B-2550 Lint' or by calling +32.3.535.00.00


The information, software, products and services ('Information') offered on or through this Website may not always be accurate. Pink Minds Media does not assume responsibility for the aptitude, reliability, timing or accuracy of this information. The information is offered and published without any form of guarantee. Pink Minds Media is not responsible for possible viruses and has taken all normal precautions to prevent such viruses. Pink Minds Media declines all responsibility for damage caused by such viruses. Pink Minds Media reserves the right to correct or change the information at any moment.


This Website may contain hyperlinks to websites or webpages of third parties or redirect to such Websites or pages in other ways. Pink Minds Media does not control the content or any other feature of these websites or webpages and is under no circumstances liable or responsible for the content or the features of these websites. The use of links by Pink Minds Media does not imply approval of the content of these websites or webpages.

Booking module

The booking module which is offered by Pink Minds Media bvba is an online platform where Advertisers can manage their Agenda and Pricing Structure and visualise this for the Visitors. By using the platform, Visitors can place a booking with the Advertiser based on the availability which the Advertiser indicated in his online agenda.

Pink Minds Media bvba only provides the platform to the Advertiser and Visitor/Booker. Agreements are thus entered into by the Advertiser and Visitor/Booker. Pink Minds Media bvba is under no circumstance a party in the Agreement between the Advertiser and Visitor/Booker and is therefore not accountable for the contact nor for the contract between the two parties.

A booking made by a Visitor/Booker will be final from the moment that the Advertiser has confirmed the booking. The Agreement which will subsequently be entered into by the Advertiser and Visitor/Booker is to be agreed upon and managed by these parties themselves.

The Advertiser himself is responsible for his Pricing Structure, Agenda and their contents. Pink Minds Media bvba offers no guarantee, neither explicitly nor implicitly, and cannot be held accountable for the security of the contents of the Agenda, nor for theft, loss or damages of/to the contents of the Agenda and the Pricing Structure. The Advertiser himself should at all times provide the necessary Back-ups. Moreover, the Advertiser himself should at all times keep the agenda up to date. Pink Minds Media bvba is under no circumstance responsible nor accountable for double bookings, booking errors, or errors in the Agenda and/or the Pricing Structure of the Advertiser. Therefore any complaint regarding the above should be addressed directly to the Advertiser.


On its platform, Pink Minds Media provides the option for Advertisers (=Event venues and Event suppliers), to publish the licenses they possess online, including but not limited to: environmental permits, food safety, liquor licenses, taxi licenses, licenses for car rental including driver, events permits, ...

By placing this information online, it becomes possible for every user of the website to see which licenses the Advertiser possesses, as well as whether the license has been uploaded and when this has happened. Pink Minds Media also enables you to view and download the documents placed online. This option is only available for .PRO members.

The Advertisers themselves are responsible for the accuracy, correctness, safety and updating the information and content supplied by them. Pink Minds Media only offers the platform on which the documents can be published and viewed. Pink Minds offers no guarantee, either explicit or implicit, and is not liable for the information and/or content provided by the Advertisers. Furthermore, Pink Minds Media is not liable for theft, loss or damage of/to the uploaded files. The Advertisers are to provide their own back-ups at all times.

Any complaints regarding the abovementioned should be directed to the Advertiser.


Any advice offered directly or indirectly through this Website of a medical, legal, financial, personal or business nature is offered without any guarantee and Pink Minds Media cannot be held liable for the content of such a device. Please consult a licensed professional for the advice and information that best fits your personal situation.

Creating an account - Passwords

In order to access certain parts of the Website, including but not limited to the Booking Module, the Visitor/Booker needs to subscribe by creating an account. The registration form is to be filled in completely and truthfully.

It is not allowed to use someone else's identity, proxies, pseudonyms and temporary email addresses when filling in the form.

Pink Minds Media reserves the right to agree or refuse the Registration. The Registration may notably be refused on, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • you do not provide the requested data regarding identification or you provide incomplete or incorrect data;
  • you attempt to register several times using different names;
  • you are using someone else's identity;
  • you do not meet one or several of the requirements determined in these General Terms & Conditions or you have failed to do so in the past;
  • Pink Minds Media can reasonably assume that you will not meet such a requirement;
  • Any other reason based on which Pink Minds Media can reasonably decide to refuse your Registration.

After creating your account you will receive a password. You will need this password in order to gain access to certain parts of this Website. Access to these parts without password is strictly forbidden. If you have received a password, you should keep it confidential at all times. If by accident your password is passed to other persons or if you have received a password from another person, you should notify event under media immediately. You are responsible for all use of our services through your password login. may change your password for security reasons and may hold you liable for all damages caused by illicit, illegal or inappropriate use of your password.

Upload of pictures, texts, ...

User is responsible for the correctness of texts and images, titles, logos and illustrations, the mentioning of the identity of the photographer (if applicable), etc. User is responsible for all posterior changes to its content. User shall hold harmless Pink Minds Media for all claims by third parties related to content published by Pink Minds Media, including claims for infringements of intellectual property rights and/or domain names.

The user is sole responsible for his content and shall make sure that this content is not illicit, illegal or inappropriate. User is sole responsible for the content of webpages to which its content directs and for all materials related to its content. Users’ responsibility includes for instance, but not limited to, product liability, copyright, respect for all regulations concerning distance sales, competitions, sales and discounts, comparative advertising and all legal consequences of the service or product mentioned in the advertisement, advertorial or editorial interview.

User guarantees that all materials delivered to Pink Minds Media are free of defects or viruses and shall be liable for all direct or indirect damages incurred by Pink Minds Media or any third party following such defects or viruses.

By uploading materials the user automatically entitles Pink Minds Media to use these materials these materials for its own purposes, to reproduce it on all carriers, to edit it, reuse it and convey it to the public, for the entire duration of the copyright protection, on all known carriers and globally. The user guarantees to possess all required rights, most notably the copyrights and portrait rights, and to transfer such rights of use to Pink Minds bvba, and that it will fully indemnify Pink Minds bvba for any claims by third parties related to the use of the materials by Pink Minds Media bvba.

The user is solely responsible for acquiring adequate licenses on intellectual property rights, personality rights and other third party claims with regard to creations, developments and other elements.

Illicit, illegal and or inappropriate content

By using or visiting this Website you agree not to participate in the spreading of indecent or pornographic content, racist content or any content that is or may be considered illicit, illegal inappropriate or that might directly or indirectly harm Pink Minds Media, Pink Minds Medias’ partners, service providers, distributors, clients or any third party or visitor to this Website. By using or visiting this Website you also agree not to participate in spreading of promotional or advertising content.

Limitation of liability

The Website and all services delivered through it by Pink Minds Media are delivered 'as is' and 'as available'. Pink Minds Media is not liable for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial damages following the use of this Website and or any website to which a hyperlink or any other form of redirecting is provided. Pink Minds Media denies all responsibility for the content, software, links or applications that are posted or shared by its users. Pink Minds Media is not liable for any direct, indirect, material or immaterial damages following the removal of content posted or shared by its users.

General Terms of Sale

Pink Minds Media's General Terms of Sale are applicable.

Applicable law

These Terms of Use and all disputes arising directly or indirectly from the use or the visit of the Website are governed exclusively by Belgian law. All disputes shall be brought exclusively before the competent courts of the registered offices of Pink Minds Media. All disputes between professional users and Pink Minds Media shall be brought exclusively before the competent courts of the city of Antwerp.