Are reviews on reliable?

Yes, the reviews on are authentic. We use a unique and safe review system. Intelligent algorithms and manual controls guarantee authentic reviews.


The measures we take to prevent fake reviews are as follows:

  • Each review is checked by one of our employees. Unwanted language, violations of our guidelines, ... are filtered out immediately. Our moderators are also trained to recognise fake reviews.
  • Intelligent algorithms and manual checks ensure that reviewers who write about their own company are blocked. After all, nobody benefits from fake positive reviews.
  • The company being reviewed needs to confirm that it knows the reviewer as a customer. For example, we exclude negative reviews from competitors (something that most review sites have to deal with). The event company sees the company name and name of the reviewer for this check but of course not the review itself so that it cannot block negative reviews. When a company indicates that the reviewer is not a customer (and therefore the review will not be published), the review can still be posted if the reviewer can prove (for example, with an invoice) that they are indeed a customer. This is to prevent companies from rejecting a review from customers if something went wrong at their events.
  • Every reviewer must validate their e-mail address via a confirmation link sent by e-mail. In this way, we prevent the posting of reviews in someone else's name.
  • When violations of the rules to post a review are found, appropriate measures are invariably taken such as blocking the accounts involved or, in the case of fraud, a complaint to the police.
  • Despite all the safety measures, if you still come across a suspicious review, let us know via


You can also view the full review flow in the flow chart below :