Why are reviews so important for event companies and event venues?

As with hotels, reviews now also determine the choice of an event venue or supplier. If you want to be ready for this - unstoppable - evolution, it is best to take action by collecting authentic reviews.


Benefits of reviews: the facts

Never underestimate the power of words. 92% of online visitors read reviews (Brightlocal) and 70% have their choices influenced by them (Nielsen). 90% are convinced after reading 10 positive reviews. Younger generations attach even more importance to reviews.


According to a study by Forrester Research, online reviews show a 17% increase in sales, 58% higher conversion and 88% more loyalty among existing customers.


Cold water fear to put your customers to work? You do not have to, you can safely show the world how good you are! And who can tell that better than your customers. Satisfied customers will be happy to recommend you at eventplanner.net. It is the word-of-mouth advertisement of the future and reviews also give you a lot of valuable feedback.


Reviews not only ensure that prospects choose your company more quickly, but also that you score higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. They also have big impact on the ranking of your business page on eventplanner.net: you will end up higher in the search results as you collect more positive reviews. Moreover, as soon as you have collected more than 3 nice reviews, we will also take your company (only professional business pages) into rotation on our homepage and in our newsletter as an "inspiring event company or location".


If you place the independent eventplanner.net review widget on your own website, you also convince your own visitors to choose your company. That makes us the TripAdvisor.com for the event sector.


Where you easily pay up to 249 euros per month for other review systems in the market, our safe review system is completely free at your company page.


Getting started with reviews?

The facts speak for themselves. We give you the technology and the tools. Now it's up to you to get started and collect real reviews! How do you do that? Simple. Make sure your event company or venue is listed on eventplanner.net, with a free basic listing or a professional business page. As soon as your page is online you can start collecting reviews.



Reliable and safe

The reviews on eventplanner.net are reliable. We use a unique and safe review system. Intelligent algorithms and manual controls guarantee authentic reviews. You yourself confirm that the reviewer is indeed your customer.