What is the eventplanner.net 'Certificate of Excellence'?

Each year, eventplanner.net rewards event suppliers and event venues that go every day to the extreme for their clients with an official and festive 'Certificate of Excellence'. We do this on the basis of our unique and safe review system.


Every successful event, big or small, is the result of the commitment of all event companies involved. From event agency, caterer, audiovisual company to the clown. Every supplier who delivers the best possible quality in his/her field within the budget of the customer. Many of these event companies rarely or never win an award, but are actually the heroes of our sector. And who can judge that better than the customers of those events themselves?


If an event supplier or location has at least 10 reviews (of which at least 5 have been placed in the past 12 months) with an average score of more than 90%, then he is eligible for the certificate. Every autumn we re-certify the certificates for the event companies that meet the conditions that year.