eventplanner.net referral program

Want to promote our event software? Do you know an event company or venue not yet listed on eventplanner.net? Recommend us and earn 'coins', which can be used for .PRO licenses or to campaign for your own business. Your relation will also be awarded!

With the 'eventplanner.net referral program' we want to reward our loyal customers and users for what they often do anyway, recommend eventplanner.net to befriended organisers, event venues and companies. But also the business relations that you refer to us are rewarded.

How does the program work?

1. Referring organisers to our event software

At #site_top_domain#, we create the most innovative event software to help our users organise impactful events. You can support our growth by recommending our software to other organisers and event companies. Whether you write blog posts, share on social media, or simply send a link to friends, your efforts can make a difference. As an #site_top_domain# user, you earn coins as credit through our referral program. You will receive these coins every time your personal Referral Link (hereinafter 'Referral Link') is used to create a new account and make an initial purchase of our event software license(s).


When an organiser signs up and purchases our event software through your Referral Link, you will receive 50% of the invoice amount (excluding VAT) from their initial purchase in 'coins' added to your account (see also general terms and conditions of use). Each coin corresponds to 1 euro. You can use the accumulated coins to purchase additional software licenses or to promote your event business on our platform.

2. Referring event businesses for advertising

At eventplanner.net we build the smartest marketing platform for event companies and venues. We help these companies grow through our powerful tools. You can help us grow by recommending our site to fellow event companies. As a eventplanner.net advertiser you earn coins as credit with the referral program. You will receive these coins every time your personal Referral Link (hereinafter 'Referral Link') is used to create a new account with a business page on our site. Each coin corresponds to 1 euro and can therefore be used as a discount. You can use the accumulated coins for ad campaigns for your own event company or venue on eventplanner.net or exchange them for .PRO licence(s) for our event software.


When a new event venue or company signs up for a business page via your Referral Link, your relation will be offered a 3 months free upgrade to a premium business page! You immediately receive 15 'coins' on your account as soon as the business page of your business relationship is approved by us (see also general terms and conditions of use), even if they opt for a free listing. If the company you bring in chooses to immediately become a paying customer of eventplanner.net at the time of creating its business page (with a recurring payment created online), you will receive at the moment of the first three payments 50% of the invoice amount (ex VAT) from us in 'coins' added to your account.


Some examples:

  • For example, if the advertised advertiser opts for an XL business page with annual payment (595 euros per year (excl. VAT)), you will receive 15 + 3x 297.5 = 907.5 coins spread over 3 years and 3 months (trial period) time.

  • If the referred advertiser opts for a monthly medium business page of 35 euros, you will receive 15+ 3x 17.5 = 67.5 coins in your account over a period of 6 months (3 trial + the 3 consecutive months). Provided, of course, that the applied event company stays on hand throughout the period and pays the invoices.

  • If the applied event company opts for a free business page or downgrades it before the first renewal, you will receive the 15 coins for applying the user anyway.

How do you start?

Before you start, check the terms and conditions of the referral program. Participating in the program implies your agreement to these terms.


Log in to your account and go to the dedicated referral page to share your referral link and track your referral coins balance.