Funeral director

Funeral director

Are you looking for a funeral director to organise a funeral for a deceased loved one? Find and compare funeral undertakers quickly, also for a non-traditional farewell or if you want to organise the funeral yourself.

Funeral director

Planning a funeral and organizing a farewell can be overwhelming. Logical, because you are fully engaged in the grieving process. There are many things to consider when arranging a funeral. A funeral undertaker ensures that everything runs smoothly during the funeral or burial so that you do not have to worry. And that the farewell to your deceased loved one is unforgettable and unique.

A tailor-made funeral or funeral

A funeral undertaker or funeral undertaker always starts with an exploratory conversation: he asks about the wishes of the deceased and those of the next of kin. With this information listed, the funeral planner gets to work to plan the perfect funeral that takes into account what you want as a customer. Discretion and personal service are of paramount importance to him.

A funeral undertaker also arranges all formalities and practicalities of the funeral or cremation so that you do not have to worry about it. After the death of a loved one, various authorities must be informed, such as the registry office of the municipality or city. Together you discuss where and when the funeral or cremation or other form of farewell will take place.

In consultation with the funeral home, you arrange the final greeting, in some cases in the funeral home, in other cases with home detention. The funeral undertaker arranges even more practical matters such as the funeral cards and any funeral bouquets or advertisements in the newspaper. Tip: provide the funeral director with an address list for the bereavements as soon as possible, so that they can be sent on time. If you have specific wishes, this professional is also ready for you. Another tip: check whether there is a will or last will, it may contain funeral wishes, for example an environmentally friendly farewell ceremony.

A funeral undertaker can also advise you on the choice of the coffin or urn . For example, if you opt for cremation, you may have the urn buried in the cemetery, interred in the cemetery, keep it at home or have the ashes scattered in a place that is important to the deceased or his loved ones. The undertaker will also tell you about the latest care. Feel free to think about the clothing in which your loved one will be laid out.

For the farewell ceremony, the funeral home will support you in the implementation of texts, music, photos and video reports and other choices in the crematorium or cemetery. This can be very personal: a beautiful poem, a special singer, classical flower arrangements or very personal objects that say something about the deceased.

The undertaker will also help you with the coffee table or other forms of farewell. Also make sure you have a guest list here. Sometimes people like to organize a funeral themselves, on our website you will also find locations (including outdoor) and caterers that can help you with your organization.

Is it possible to arrange your own funeral yourself?

After reading this article, you may be wondering whether you can arrange your own funeral in advance? Both burial and cremation? That is possible, and it often happens that people organize this themselves.

Are you looking for a funeral undertaker?

You have a lot on your mind in these sad times. There is therefore no need to search for a long time for the suitable funeral director who takes all your wishes into account. By consulting the list below, you will save a lot of time in organizing a suitable farewell. By using the filters, you will find the suitable funeral planner even faster.

Add the link of your funeral home to the list below?

Do you have tons of experience planning funerals, planning funerals and farewell ceremonies? Put your link in this list of funeral undertakers and funeral planners. In this way you can reach countless people every month who are looking for a suitable partner to have a funeral professionally organised. Best of all, creating a business page for your funeral home is completely free. Add striking images and attractive texts and you are off.

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