Keep track of every important detail with ease thanks to Checklists.

Even the simplest events generate endless to do lists. Ours even come pre-filled with suggested items tailored to your type of event. Add, assign and update the status of tasks via simple drag and drop. Checklists is a fully fledged project management tool built especially for event planners and seamlessly integrated with our other tools and the platform.

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How to you use Checklists as a 'project management tool' for your event?

Checklists ensure that you don't lose track of any to-do for your event. You can easily assign tasks to your team and follow the status in a clear manner. now makes it even easier for you: we pre-fill the checklists for each type of event so that you don't have to start from scratch. If a certain topic is not relevant, you can delete it or adjust the tasks according to your needs.


To use the checklists, you must first create an event. Once you've done this, you're good to go.


This is how it works:


Create an event

You can create a checklist for every event you organize. This can be done directly from the checklist page, which is also accessible via the 'event software' link in the header of our website (if you are logged in). As indicated, we pre-fill your checklist based on the type of event you are organizing. This way you have the most common to-dos for your wedding, corporate event, festival, etc. at hand right from the start.


Add tasks

Adding a task to your checklist is easy. Click on the green 'Add task' button. You will get a pop-up where you can enter the following:


  • Title: state briefly and clearly what it is about.
  • Description: here you can enter a more detailed description of the to-do's.
  • Priority: Indicates whether the job has a low, medium, or high priority.
  • Progress: put the task in the column 'to do' for tasks you want to do in the future, 'in progress' for tasks you are actively working on, or 'done' for tasks that you have completed completely.
  • Category: Select a category for the task from the list. This helps to keep the checklist clear. Is there no suitable category for your task? Then just leave this field blank.
  • Date: does your task have a deadline? Enter the date here.
  • Assigned To: Here you assign tasks to colleagues so that they can follow up on them. If you don't see colleagues appearing yet, you must first add them to the 'contacts' of the event. Be sure to give them the right permissions so they can see the tasks.


Finally, click on 'add task' at the bottom and you will see that the task is added at the bottom of the list.


Change / delete tasks

You can change a task by clicking on the pencil icon next to the task. You can then edit and save all fields or delete the task with the 'delete' button.


Some tasks have action buttons such as 'find event location'. You cannot adjust this yourself. If you want, you can delete the task and create a new one in its place.


Dragging tasks

You can quickly place a task from the 'to do' column in the 'in progress' column by simply dragging the task to that column. For example, you can drag tasks between all three columns when, for example, you have finished a task or want to put it back in 'to-do' to pick it up again later.

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