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  • Momice


    Extensive tool for events and more

    Momice offers us the perfect tool for organizing events. Thanks to Momice's efforts, we have been able to organize events on a larger scale and this became much easier. For example, the invitation and ticketing process is simple and you can prepare emails and surveys from one place. The event website can also be set up as desired.

    Alex de Jong - ChipSoft - 05/01/2021

  • Momice


    Professional tool and so easy to use

    Momice is an easy tool with which you can design your events in a professional way. The tool saves you a lot of time as an organizer, but the invitees also benefit from it.

    Daniëlle Bindi - Euretco B.V. - 05/10/2020

  • Momice


    All in one

    I have been working with Momice for several years now and I am very satisfied. For my event they offer an all-in-one package, such as participant registration, mailings and participant survey. You can create your event website in your own (house) style. Working with Momice is not difficult and if I cannot figure it out, I am quickly helped by the support at Momice.

    Daphne Jurrien - Maasstad ziekenhuis - 15/09/2020

  • Halito!


    Halito! as registration partner Effect Ivent - event for event managers

    For our annual Effect Ivent (personal development, inspiration and networking event for event organizers) we worked together with registration partner Halito !.
    We entered 'the lion's den' between critical event experts, the bar was high. Together with Halito! we have set up a communication plan that includes an event website, various emails and integration with NetworkTables. The latter to allow the event organizers to experience this tool and so that they could 'sit' themselves in advance for the various workshops from which to choose.
    The collaboration went very smoothly. Fast, short lines of communication, a high degree of flexibility and thinking along in a relaxed atmosphere but with a critical look at the content / implementation.
    The communication process beforehand certainly contributed to the fact that the room was full and the event was fully booked.
    On to the next edition together!

    - Effectivents - 20/05/2019

Event Management Software

Are you looking for 'Event Management Software'? Select a company from this list of 58 suppliers or refine by region to find event companies offering 'Event Management Software' in your neighborhood. These companies are happy to help you with the flawless organization of your event, conference or company party.

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