Beyond Excel and Spreadsheet: Why Modern Event Planners Need Specialised Software

Beyond Excel and Spreadsheet: Why Modern Event Planners Need Specialised Software

In the world of event planning, efficiency and precision are paramount. While Excel has long been a staple tool for organizers, it's becoming increasingly clear that it's not quite cut out for the complex demands of modern event management.

Let's explore why Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets fall short and how specialised event planning software, like, offers a more effective solution.

1. Limited Collaborative Features

Though Office 365 has made strides in collaborative work by allowing simultaneous access to documents, it still lacks the nuanced collaborative features necessary for event planning. Excel doesn't offer fine-grained access control, a crucial aspect in event management. Imagine being able to assign specific tasks or sections of a call sheet to different team members or suppliers, without risking unauthorised alterations to other parts. This level of detailed control is absent in Excel but is a fundamental feature in specialised event software.

A critical aspect often overlooked in spreadsheets is efficient supplier management. With specialised event software, you can grant suppliers access exclusively to their assigned tasks, eliminating the need to manually create and update multiple versions of call sheets. This selective sharing ensures suppliers focus solely on their responsibilities, leading to more efficient collaborations and superior results. It simplifies communication and streamlines processes, ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page without being overwhelmed by irrelevant details.

2. Inadequate Task Management

Excel lacks advanced features to track and remind you of due tasks or newly assigned responsibilities. Effective event software, on the other hand, excels in this area. It not only alerts you to upcoming deadlines but also helps you stay on top of your tasks, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

3. Data Security Risks

Handling personal data in Excel is fraught with risks, especially considering GDPR regulations. Excel files containing sensitive information can easily become scattered and hard to manage, posing significant data security threats. In contrast, good event software guides you in complying with data protection laws and ensures that personal data is handled securely and appropriately. Opting for ISO 27001 certified event software adds an extra layer of assurance that your data is in safe hands.

4. Lack of Event-Specific Functionality

Excel is a general tool, not tailored for the specific needs of event planning. It lacks functionalities such as attendee management, venue selection, supplier coordination, and real-time updates that are integral to the event planning process.

5. Difficulty in Scalability

As your event grows in complexity and size, managing it through Excel becomes increasingly cumbersome. Specialised event software, however, scales with your needs, providing the necessary tools and flexibility to handle events of any size or complexity.

6. Time-Consuming Setup and Maintenance

Creating an event plan in Excel from scratch is time-consuming, requiring manual setup of templates, formulas, and structures. Event planning software offers ready-to-use templates and intuitive interfaces, significantly reducing the setup time and maintenance effort.

Conclusion: The Advantage

Facing the limitations of Excel in event planning? It’s time to switch to a more robust, efficient, and secure solution. offers all-in-one event software designed specifically for the needs of modern event planners. From intricate project management and collaboration to budgeting and even ticketing, streamlines the entire event planning process, empowering you to focus on creating memorable events without the logistical headaches.

Discover how can transform your event planning experience - far beyond what Excel can offer:

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Simonne  Geyskens [0859535905]
Simonne Geyskens [0859535905]
New|2024-01-29 - 11:02u

Ik wil kijken hoe dit werkt, de prijs enz.

Kevin Van der Straeten []
Kevin Van der Straeten []
Leader|2024-01-29 - 13:34u

Dag Simonne,

In de basis is de eventsoftware helemaal gratis. Van start gaan kan via:

Er is ook een PRO versie, met extra mogelijkheden. Meer info hier:


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