Ice sculptures

Have you ever thought of an ice sculpture as an eye-catcher at your event or party? This special decoration is perfect for a winter event, but also for corporate events, conferences, receptions, and private parties. In any case, on this page you will find the best ice sculptors!

Ice sculptures

Decoration for events can be very broad. But a unique way to decorate your event is with ice sculptures.

Endless creative possibilities

Perhaps when you hear the word 'ice sculpture' you think of classic fairy tale shapes. Ice sculptures, however, are surprisingly versatile. Romantic, of course, but also tough, exotic, or just commercial. Why not have your company logo, name, or baseline carved into ice or place a decorative personalised ice bar in the centre of the event space? Have a special object frozen or have your top product made in miniature or in an XXL version? Let your imagination work! There are endless creative ideas and applications that make your event, product launch, open day, or workshop special with an ice sculpture. In short, an ice sculpture for an event, a great idea!

Ice sculptures, always custom made

Ice sculptures are completely custom-made by real artists. In this visual age in which everyone is continuously sharing photos and beautiful pictures on social media, such a unique (and temporary) work of art is a real eye-catcher. Any desired shape is possible. When that shape is agreed upon, the ice sculptor gets to work with his hammer and chisel on a large block of ice. That ice can be matte or clear.

You install the ice sculpture in a strategic place in your event location. For example as a showpiece on your champagne or cocktail bar. You should also provide special lighting. To illuminate ice sculptures, you use special lamps that stay cold when lit. This way, your sculptures are illuminated without melting. You can also perfectly combine an ice sculpture with other decorations, such as a balloon sculpture.

Looking for ice sculptures for your event?

You have decided and you are looking for an ice sculpture to place at your event location. How are you going to find a reliable partner? Scanning the internet? Calling your business connections? Or consulting the list below? Do not hesitate! On this list, you will find a very extensive range of suppliers who make any desired ice sculpture. With the filters, you can find the partner you are looking for even faster. How can you be sure that the company is reliable? You will know this by reading the reviews that other customers have written.

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