How do I delete my company from

We understand that some companies want to delete their business page from for various reasons. However, it is our mission to be an extensive source of event venues and suppliers for our users. Therefore, we only remove company pages under specific circumstances.


Click here if you have a paid business page and you want to downgrade to a free version.


If your event company is permanently closed...

If your event location or event company has been permanently closed, you can report this at Please include proof of closure with your e-mail, as well as information with which we can identify you as the owner of the event company with your e-mail. We then open a case to permanently delete your company page.



If your event company is NOT definitively closed...

If your event location or business is NOT permanently closed, your business page provides a unique opportunity to promote your services to our users. With a little effort, you can turn your business page into a powerful marketing tool. Follow these tips to attract more customers and collect reviews:

  • Use constructive feedback in reviews to make improvements and increase your customer satisfaction
  • Ask customers to write a review
  • Respond to reviews using our review tools
  • Upload photos and videos. They help you stand out!
  • Discover what your competitors are doing to make their guests happy


Although we do not remove any publicly available company information and reviews from our site, you can, of course, request for personal data and/or texts and photos to which you have a copyright to be removed. Please contact us via