How do I get more reviews about my event company or venue?

Reviews are becoming increasingly important, also in the event industry. Reviews ensure that prospects choose your company faster and that you are higher up in the search results. helps you get started with collecting reliable reviews.


Share the direct review link

It is important to ask for a review shortly after you have an event for a customer. The faster you do this, the more likely your client will reward you with a nice review. For example, you can send your customers a thank you mail with the direct link to your review page at and just ask if they would like to help you with writing an honest review. You will see that most of your customers are willing to help.

The direct review can be found in you account.


To help you get started with collecting reviews, we've also built some handy tools for you:

  • Review widget: you can easily publish our handy review widget on your own website. It invites your visitors to post a review and also convinces them to choose your company.
  • Poster: via your account you can also download a personalized review poster that you can hang on your event location or company. If you show that you are open to honest feedback, your customers will also gain confidence sooner.
  • Tailor-made solutions: do you want to lift it even higher? How about an iPad with review app that you put at the reception of your company? Or do you want to automatically send a review invitation via our API for every event you have completed? Contact us for more information about these extensive possibilities.