How do I publish a 'post' on my business page?

To publish posts, you need a professional business page on If you have a free listing, you can opt to upgrade from your dashboard to get 'posts' on your business page immediately.

This is how you proceed:

  • Log in to your account (Note! You need the relevant rights on your account to edit your company page)
  • Surf to your business page (Click on 'view' from your admin dashboard)
  • Click on the form to begin a new post (You can find this just above the company presentation):


If you click on 'create a new post', the form will expand:


At the top of the form, you can choose between a regular post 'update', using which you can share news about your company, or an 'event case', using which you can share an inspiring event case.

  • With an 'update', you may give your post a title, text and optional photos.
  • With an 'event case', you may enter the name and date of the event, a description of what you did and upload any number of beautiful photos. Use 'event cases' to share your events; we add them to our inspiration database.

In your text, you can 'tag' other event companies that also have a business page on by typing an @ sign with the name of the company. A drop-down list will appear from which you can select the relevant page.


You can also use #hashtags and add emoticons by clicking on the icon at the top-right of the text field.

The posts, since they require approval from our editors, take a while to appear in public.


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