How do I boost posts?

Sometimes you want to give your post that extra push. You can do this starting from 5 euros!


How to proceed:

  • Click on the blue 'boost post' button that appears with every post you publish (only visible if you are logged in).
  • If you have not linked a credit card in your account yet, you will be asked to do so first.
  • Choose the budget at which you want to boost the post. You can choose amounts from 5 to 50 euros. The number of views you can expect is an estimate; the number of likes, comments, clicks etc. will also play a role.
  • Confirm and your boost starts immediately. You will receive an invoice for your accounting by e-mail.
  • The boost runs until the budget is used up, which can vary depending on the popularity of your message.
  • You can boost a message multiple times if desired, and multiple boosts can be running simultaneously if you want to increase your budget.