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Visual communication works.

Replace boring manuals with flashy explainer videos, relive your favorite event with an aftermovie or put your company in the picture with a great corporate film.

Video has become an indispensable part of the communication mix - and we know that all too well!

VideoCrew supports you in putting your company, event, performance or festival in the spotlight and thus reaching the right target group.

With our young team of passionate video professionals, we create stories and digital video content that are both technically optimal and intriguing in terms of content.

Whether you want an editing assignment, self-directing cameraman or a complete crew with all the trimmings - we got you!

We are happy to think along with you and ask the right, critical questions.

This is how we convert your idea into a strong video and create images that fascinate, grip and clarify.

As a result, you get great video content that sticks, images that make your target group move.

Would you like to find out more? Contact us today and we may soon work together on your video project!

23 reviews on VideoCrew bv - 8.7/10

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Mathew Augusteyns
New|Politie Antwerpen|

Making children more digitally agile

We are satisfied with the professional and creative services that Videocrew provided for our video about HackShield in Antwerp. They were flexible and adapted to our needs. The video exceeded our expectations and we are grateful for their expertise!

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Suzanna Janssen
New|Stad Antwerpen, Dienst Onderwijs|

HackShield Antwerp

Video crew gave a nice twist to a simple script.

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Nicolas De Reu

Top experience

Video crew made a nice video for us about the collaboration with one of our new vendors. Not only was the result top notch, the collaboration, the development of the concept as well as the professionalism on the shooting day itself was truly fantastic. Definitely again!

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Haissi Cheng
New|No problem!|

Professional and nice people

For several years No Problem! subtitles for Videocrew. It is a very nice customer who understands unforeseen circumstances and who also attaches great value to quality. That is why we are very happy to work with and for them. When other customers ask us who they can collaborate with for videos, Videocrew is certainly not missing from the list. A company obviously consists of people and they are really very nice and nice people without that client-supplier feeling, but rather a sense of partnership where we can give our humble opinion.

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Lieve Struyf
New|Syntra AB|

Video courses

Video crew can switch quickly and has delivered professional, fun videos based on a briefing.

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Marleen Geens
New|Gebroeders Geens|

Fast and nice service

Gebroeders Geens already worked for several projects via Videocrew. We had our production screened for the open house, recorded testimonials and filmed a promo video for our electric Knikmops. This resulted in a whole database of material. Which we can easily turn into other videos now. For example, they have already edited a number of vacancy videos with the production material and with the images of the testimonials we now and then make another video with a different purpose.
Nice collaboration, open communication with a nice product afterwards, which we can receive compliments on long afterwards! And even when things have to go fast, Videocrew jumps on the bandwagon! A great partner for us to work with!

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Timothy De Paepe
New|Museum Vleeshuis|

Very good experience

We recently collaborated with Videocrew for the second time. Again very satisfied with the professional and solution-oriented approach and the excellent end result (short films of museum objects).

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Rollin Verlinde

8 films about nature management

As professionals in the nature management sector, we were looking for a partner to get off the beaten track. We make our own dry instructional videos on how to manage certain nature types and forests. This time we had budgeted to reach a somewhat wider audience, so we looked for collaboration with a video company / communication agency.

So that became Videocrew. A professional but enjoyable group that delves into your subject with genuine interest. Both the scenarios and the execution (camera work, editing and animations) were completely beyond our capabilities, a feeling that we did not always have with previous cheaper partners. And that is the decision, you have a limited budget and you end up with a video that is usually uninspired. But know that with a partner like Videocrew or similar you just get your money's worth. We are already satisfied with the collaboration and especially the result!

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Sanne Verlinden

Timelapse temporary bicycle bridge E34 - Oosterweelwerken

As part of the Oosterweelwerken Linkeroever / Zwijndrecht, we have installed a temporary bicycle bridge over the motorway. We called on Videocrew
to make a timelapse video of this. The collaboration went smoothly and the agreements were met properly. They also thought about how to portray the placement dynamically and attractively. The end result was excellent and received many positive reactions.

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Gabriella Ambassador VZW
New|Ambassador vzw|

Professional and fast

I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Video Crew. Despite the long gap between our appointment and the execution, I could count on them.
They work quickly and efficiently.

Thanks for this!

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Tim Van Hool
New|ACE Lighting|

A creative commercial for ACE Lighting

From the first moment, VideoCrew was able to ask the right questions to help develop a creative idea. Our request was to develop a timeless spot that does not show our products but does support our image.
At the beginning of the design process, a roadmap was mapped out. It was followed correctly without any delay. We were involved in every phase by VideoCrew, which only benefited the collaboration. For example, we could be present at the actual recordings of our spot and there was very smooth communication about the final editing.
Very professional working method with good advice and a great team to work with!

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Fleur De Meyer
New|VGC - OBiB|

4.5 champagne glass for Videocrew! Great video company

The collaboration with Videocrew went smoothly, and the results are impressive. So far we have made two promotional films together with them (one for the Boeken Gang and a second for the network of the Brussels libraries). The camera images and the editing are of excellent quality. The employees are punctual and pleasant to work with.

If you want to watch the promotional video of the Brussels libraries, please visit this YouTube link:

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kasper stuart
New|Taste Restaurant & Bar Group|

Film Brasserie Appelmans

It was now the third time that I was allowed to work with the enthusiastic people of Video Crew. This time they made an image film about Brasserie Appelmans in honor of the 14th anniversary.
It was a pleasure to work with them and we are very satisfied with the end result. This is exactly what we had in mind.

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Bas Thomassen
New|Engie Fabricom|

Security film

Professional approach and ditto result. Provide professional advice where necessary and leave enough room for your own input and comments. Recommended!

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Ives Van Haute
New|FOD IBZ - Civiele Veiligheid - KCCE|

movie recording DIR CP OPS

Extremely smooth and professional collaboration with Videocrew for the film recordings of a disaster scenario to indicate the ideal operation of a DIR CP Ops.

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