Sylvester Creates. Captures. Moves.

Sylvester is the longest existing production house in Belgium, but we do not have a walker yet. We have 3 specializations in house with TV, video and events, with 1 common goal: telling stories. Today we have hundreds of programs and events on the counter. Realized by fantastic teams that somehow miraculously manage to turn the idea you have in your head into reality. And also within your budget. Programs, videos and events that continue to reverberate.

Organize events that bring people and companies closer together and make them grow. Create films and television programs that hit ten strings at once. Every day is a pleasure to do great things. To organize the most complex projects in such a way that it seems as if it has taken no effort. To smash the walls between television, video and events with the creative sledgehammer. And thereby achieve results that open mouths and create pure magic.

There are hip terms for that, such as cross-media, multi-platform and live communication. But our cases say more than 1,000 buzzwords. Create, invent, organize, delegate, develop, design. We were born for it. It is the accelerator of our existence and we still have the control stick firmly after 25 years. Every small aspect of your assignment is taken care of by our people. From idea to concept. From logistics to production. And we are proud of that. Because control freaks? Yes, we are. But the result is correspondingly.

Interested? Contact us and we will sit down at the table!

Sylvester uses TV skills to create virtual events
07 May 2020

While the sages of the country are brooding on exit strategies, Sylvester's creative TV, video and event producers come up with their own strategy to bring people together in the challenging corona times, in which physical distancing will be the norm for a long time. Under the heading of online & virtual communication experiences, they realize impressive online and virtual ...

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Kevin V.
Leader |

Mooie video! Keep up the good work!

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25 reviews on Sylvester - 9.4/10

Tatiana Willockx
New|Telenet Business|

Toppers of format!

In the meantime, I have been working with them for several occasions for several years and every time 'it is over'. Completely in line with my expectations and every detail is worked out as described. Even the impossible is possible for them! Creative, professional, proactive, smooth communication and a lot of patience. Perfect combination, ideal collaboration. On to the next one I would say!

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Kurt Leuridan
New|Tokai Optecs|


Dear Sylvester team, thank you for the organization, planning and follow-up. Extremely professional and pleasant cooperation. Assembling this TokaiTV in several languages, for so many different cultures in such a short time, is certainly not easy. Our customers, distributors and colleagues all over the world were impressed by your professionalism. Certainly until next time.

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Janne Geyskens
New|CAW Boom Mechelen Lier|

Studio CAW

In times of corona we were forced to physically cancel our employee day, so we went looking for a nice alternative. That's how we got to know Sylvester. The result was an online, fun and fun event that we enjoyed with all employees. In times of physical distance they still managed to create closeness. Thank you for that!
Positive points: professionalism, smooth communication, original team building.

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Joke D'Hooghe
New|Welzijnszorg vzw|

Extremely professional cooperation!

A well-designed giant picnic: Sylvester Productions originally worked on that for Welzijnszorg vzw.
The outbreak of the corona crisis 2 months before the event itself put a stop to this.
Fortunately, we could count on fast and concrete thinking from all event producers.
In no time, Sylvester's employees had come up with an alternative to our online celebration of the end of 50 years of campaigning. Based on a quick briefing, we witnessed the unwavering enthusiasm of everyone within this event company. From graphic designer to TV producer: everyone was available. Every step within the (rather exciting) process was worked out down to the last detail.
On the day itself we were welcomed warmly and corona-proof in their own studio.
From concept to end result, we felt a very strong commitment to our story and we could count on clear communication.

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Philippe Deweerdt

Super collaboration!

Rent-A-Willys was contacted by Sylvester to assist them in realizing the Liberation Festivities 2019 in Antwerp. Although our contribution was small overall, we were able to see that Sylvester's teams really know what they are doing. the wishes of the customer come first and you can feel it. Top collaboration.

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Cynthia Vanhee
New|GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse gemeenschap|

Party 30 years GO! - May 3, 2019 - Lotto Arena Antwerp

The GO! celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019. The apotheosis of this festive year was a real festival on May 3, 2019 in the Lotto Arena Antwerp.
The day was divided into two parts. In the morning, we welcomed primary school students, and in the afternoon we welcomed students from secondary education and school teams. In total we were present with 14,000 people. Sylvester guided us through this event.
The first idea was to organize an open air festival. The tickets flew out the door faster than expected. In no time our pasture was full and we had to disappoint schools that could no longer register. In order to give as many schools as possible the opportunity to celebrate, we had to adjust our program last-minute.
Sylvester searched and found a solution for us. By changing the program and the location, we were able to double our capacity and this within the set initial budget. For example, we went from an open-air festival to a spectacular stage show in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp with numerous acts, all in line with our pedagogical project.
Sylvester took care of the entire organization from start to finish. They listened carefully to our wishes and expectations. They also always stay within budget and let you know if there are changes. It is very nice to work with them. You get what they promise and more. They always work with very professional teams. Everyone knows their job perfectly.
As an organizer you can sleep on roses.

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Evi Ramaekers
Leader|Evi Ramaekers Photography|

High-quality and qualitative events

High-quality and qualitative events, always cleverly conceived and executed to perfection!

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sandra vandebroek
New|Departement Werk en sociale economie|

event & # 039; Ready for tomorrow ?! & # 039; , November 29, 2018, Antwerp

We have enjoyed working with An van Sylvester to organize an event for tailor-made companies. Sylvester guided us through the busy times with the necessary experience and a lot of patience. It was a busy day but everything was perfect and went very well! Sylvester's employees were always available and had a solution for all practical problems. The cooperation and settlement went very smoothly and correctly! Thanks again to the employees who were there and special thanks to An Moors for her endless patience!

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Els Rondas
New|Premed vzw|

Staff party 2018

In September 2018 we collaborated with Ben & Hendrik van Sylvester for our staff party on the occasion of our 50th anniversary. They are very nice, enthusiastic people and very pleasant to work with. Our event was well prepared down to the last detail and we did not have to do it ourselves. They take everything off your hands so that you do not experience any stress yourself.
It is not often that everyone is really satisfied with the event, but that was the case in this case. We only heard positive comments from all employees and everyone enjoyed a wonderful day. So the ideas they put forward for activities were perfect and doable for everyone. That made the event a great success!

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Lucie Hoffmann
New|Waterleau Group NV|

Great work

Excellent desk, very pleasant and clear to work with

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Kristel De Ryck
New|New Zealand Embassy, Brussels|

New Zealand Embassy very satisfied with Sylvester Productions

The New Zealand Embassy has teamed up with Sylvester Productions for a unique event to commemorate New Zealand's involvement in the Battle of Passchendaele in October 2017. They performed our sound & light show on the city walls of Ypres, including a traditional Maori waka (canoe), a real scces made.
We have nothing but praise for Sylvester Productions. They were very enthusiastic about our vision and helped develop it. They coped very well with our limited budget and were always very clear about the cost of each element.
Communication went very smoothly and every detail was taken into account. We really felt that we were in good hands and would be working with Sylvester Productions again right away! Thank you Ben, Amaury, Arno, Geert and the rest of the team

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Maurine Callens
New|Vlaamse overheid - Agentschap voor natuur en bos|

Sylvester Productions told our story 'Flight Forward'

Last year, the Operational Site Management entity of the Agency for Nature and Forests ran the 'Flight Forward' project. A project in which foresters, green workers and administrators all over Flanders participated intensively.
Now, a year later, we are completing 9 of the 15 projects and it should not go unnoticed!
Our event "Landing, one year of Flight Forward" on 26/10/2017 in ANTWERP EXPO MEETING CENTER has been a success thanks to the collaboration with Sylvester Productions. Together we have found the right mix for an excitingly varied day program. Towards the event, we could count on solid support and during the event EVERYTHING went smoothly including timing ;-).
Sylvester Productions provided the direction and stage techniques. A valuable collaboration!
Quote from Stefan Borry, project manager operational site management: “I am very satisfied this day, people have transcended themselves. I've seen a lot more than I hoped. It was actually almost unbelievable. It was a very intense year, it was a very intense day, but we are here, we have landed, we can move forward! ”
Link to report

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Karel Liebaers
New|Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken, Vlaamse|

Ring Day - Antwerp, September 2017

We worked with Sylvester on the 'Ring Days' assignment: six days on which the design teams for the roof of the Antwerp ring road entered into a dialogue with schools, residents, neighborhood organizations and citizen movements. This assignment was carried out under a framework contract from the Flemish government for the organization of events.
Sylvester nevertheless established a flawless organization within a very tight deadline. During the holiday season, the entire team responded very flexibly to the expectations and wishes of the extensive project team. Partly thanks to their efforts, the Ring Days were conducted professionally. The project team was able to put all concerns about logistics and practical organization aside and focus on its core business: the dialogue with residents of Antwerp and Zwijndrecht. Thanks for the great cooperation.

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Axel Abeels
Expert|AMS medical team|

Pleasant professional cooperation

Recently we provided medical assistance during an event of their event team. Everything was very professional and properly arranged, making it a safe event!

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Nele Motmans
New|Materialise NV|

Very pleasant cooperation, resulting in professionally organized events

Sylvester has already assisted us a few times with the organization of the evening event at the Materialize World Summit (an international conference for between 500 and 100 professionals from both the industrial and medical sector). The cooperation with Sylvester is always very pleasant: they listen to our ideas, understand our values and our organization, come up with creative proposals, translate them into a perfect practical implementation, stay within the predetermined budget, think along, look for solutions to the unexpected challenges are always available and very helpful.

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Kristof Durieux
Expert|Silverspoon Exclusive Catering|

Collaborate with Sylvester Productions

Over the years we have been able to realize great productions and events several times together with Sylvester. For us as a catering partner, preparation and communication in advance are very important. Thanks to the professional approach of everyone within the Sylvester Team, we have succeeded with both parties in creating memories for countless customers. And that is the goal in the event industry to exceed customer expectations every time!

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Tim De Mulder
New|Stad Antwerpen|

Samenwerking ikv The Tall Ships Races 2016

Following a public tender by the city of Antwerp and the Antwerp Port Authority, the organization of The Tall Ships Races (7-10 July 2016) was assigned to Sylvester Productions and PushToTalk for the search for sponsors and hospitality partners on the one hand, and the complete logistics organization of this large-scale event.
The collaboration with Sylvester Productions was very professional. Meetings took place on a regular basis with various parties (city, port, nautical working group,…) and Sylvester's team. During these meetings, pain points were tackled and opportunities were created.
During the four-day event, everything went smoothly. The implementing partners scored very well in various areas:
- City and port always had a point of contact. The project manager also had a complete overview of the entire event, which meant that last minute issues were tackled very quickly. Moreover, the input of various parties (both national and international) had to be taken into account, but that also went smoothly. These different partners spoke only full of praise for the organization after the event.
- In terms of logistics, Sylvester Productions was a very strong and reliable partner. Several aspects were taken into account with attention to the needs of all partners involved.
- Budget management was transparent. The clients always had an overview of the resources.
- Also elements that were not originally part of the public tender were smoothly executed by Sylvester Productions. For example, they fully supported the recruitment of trainees and made extra efforts for partnerships with pleasure boat companies.
The visitor satisfaction survey showed that 74.3% had a very positive impression of this event. The city can only join that.
Tim De Mulder
Event manager
City of Antwerp

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Matthias Van Overtveldt

Sylvester Productions: fixed value for the ETION Forum

Sylvester has been our trusted partner for major events for many years. In particular for the ETION Forum, we have joined forces in recent years, each time with success. The people at Sylvester take care of the stage events, the technology and the logistics aspects, with the care and attention to detail that we are used to from them. This allows us to focus on the substantive story and contact with our members. Here too we can count on Sylvester's creative input. The result is invariably the same: a very successful event, with many positive reactions from our members.

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Pascale Behiels
New|Stad Antwerpen|

St. entry

Every year the Saint sets foot in Antwerp. This is realized through a collaboration between the city of Antwerp and Sylvester. Although this is an annual project, there is always something that needs to be changed every year. Due to the flexibility and professionalism we always get out. Consultation and mutual respect contribute to a successful event. Since different parties are involved (production, actors, participating groups, security personnel, logistics personnel, ...) it is not always easy to get all this done at the same time. The timing is sometimes a bit tight, but that makes the challenge even greater!

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Herman Janssens

An event that is etched in our collective CM memory

Sylvester organized an unforgettable CM conference in 'the Square' in 2015, which was all about our CM chair change. Sylvester not only devised an appropriate concept, but also took care of the full implementation and supervision of this conference in the two national languages. In addition to the conference itself, Sylvester also provided catchy support videos, live recording and the construction of the associated fair in the adjacent rooms. Sylvester also provided wonderful guidance and support for the workshops.
In short, a CM event that has been engraved in the collective CM memory to this day.

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New|Nationale Loterij|

Sylvester Productions

In the short term, the National Lottery needed an event agency to organize the soiree "Everyone counts". Sylvester Productions immediately jumped on the cart and guided the working group in a very professional and constructive way to make this event a success. They have also made a video about the National Lottery and its players and prepared a roadbook that has documented the course of the evening down to the last detail. The soiree went perfectly under their supervision. With my sincere thanks to the entire team!

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Pascale Engelen

The perfect partner for a successful customer event!

Sylvester Productions gave our customers an unforgettable day at the inauguration of our new buildings in Evergem. Fully customized, with an atmosphere that was made for us and a professional, down to the last detail preparation of their team, we welcomed more than 300 guests on a sunny summer day to a beautiful garden party next to our building. The day went smoothly! The customers are still talking about that wonderful day today!

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Barbara Gheysens
New|GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse gemeenschap|

Top team

We called on Sylvester to organize our two-day event 'PPGO! Live 'on 27 and 28 April 2017 in The Egg, Brussels. It was a great event. The guests were overwhelmed by the atmosphere and professionalism of this event. This was only possible thanks to the very good cooperation with Sylvester. This before, during and after the event. Everything went smoothly. They took on a lot of tasks, came up with creative proposals, without losing sight of the individuality of our organization.
It is the second time that we work with them and if it is up to us, certainly not the last time. A top team!

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Paul Willaert
New|Telenet nv|

Excellent job!

Congratulations to the Sylvester team that was involved in the preparation and organization of our 'Telenet Way Day 2017' in the Hasselt Ethias Arena.
Top Job!

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Mari Garcia
New|Akzo Nobel Paints Belgium|


Have had the pleasure of working with Sylvester several times.
Every time the event was a great success. super professional people, super friendly, highly recommended for any company. Top!!!!

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