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The Box Company
  • Nijverheidssingel 315, 4811 ZW Breda, Netherlands
  • Certificate of Excellence 2022

The Box Company provides original team building activities for large groups (50 to 2000). challenge, competition, excitement and fun are the basic values ​​of every experience. The products and services of the customer can be fully included in the subject of the Boxes. This means that it is possible to give our games your personal touch.

The Box Company provides unique team building activities that perfectly fit into your program. You can opt for a standard game, but also for tailor-made solutions. Our knowledge and experience make the difference between a fun day and a "day to remember"!

An example of our boxes is the Escape Room Experience:

The Escape Room is a global craze where a group of people have to Escape an area full of assignments, codes and obstacles in one hour. Many Escape Rooms limit themselves to ± 10 participants at the same time. Something that immediately eliminates larger companies. The Box Company has developed an Escape Room Experience for groups of 50 to 2000 participants! A nerve-racking game with several rounds and a very exciting final. The game can be played at any location; at your office, an event location or another location chosen by you.

The Box Company
We give paper a second outing..Uhh life??
03 May 2022

Did you know that we recycle printed matter that is not reusable into (note)books? This is done by people at a distance from the Greenside🌳 labor market. In this way, the printed matter that we have already printed on recycled paper even gets a third life! And then 'boss over boss'; the winners of an activity are sent a notebook ...

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300 reviews on The Box Company - 9.6/10

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Jesse Owie
New|Verbond van Verzekeraars|

Very nice experience!

The participants experienced the ice-breaker as a lot of fun!

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Robert Stenis van

Team building

Fun way for team building to promote collaboration (under time pressure)!

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Yolanda Dullaart
New|Mecanoo architecten|

Connect and Collab is a top activity

For our annual office weekend, every edition it is a challenge to find a new activity that suits a group of colleagues from all parts of the world and also between 20 and 65 years old. A competitive element is always good, but not everyone likes a sporting activity. For this reason, we chose Connect & Collab after consultation with The Box company. This activity suited our wishes perfectly. We had 12 groups of participants with colleagues from all kinds of disciplines, creative, supportive, architectural, etc. In addition to being incredibly fun and challenging, it is also very special to discover how differently you look at certain puzzles and tasks and how you can arrive at a solution together. comes. We received very enthusiastic responses to this activity afterwards. In our opinion, this is an absolute must!

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Shirley Pietersen
New|Alkwin Kollege|

Escape room at school

We played the escape room with our 3rd year VWO students during the introduction week. The students and mentors were very enthusiastic, the assignments were at their level and challenging enough to keep it interesting.
Contact with the organization went very smoothly and they think along with you.

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Ellen Geeve

escape game for introduction week

Super fun introductory activity for our new students assisting in healthcare! The students immediately started working actively and got to know each other better through collaboration. They really enjoyed it!

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Arjan Fijn
New|Ostrea Lyceum|

VMBO class 3 introduction

When we introduced the 3rd classes of vmbo, we used the collaboration assignment of The Box Company. It was a success. Students focused on this. The assignments were challenging enough. Some groups needed some hints from the supervising teachers in order not to get stuck, even though they can also ask for hints online. We will leave this in our program. We also requested that the time be set to 100 minutes, but we will shorten this next year.

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Lieke Buiks

Connect and Collab

We played the Connect & Collab game with the team (40 people). Wake up in a light-hearted way after the summer holidays.
The communication and guidance from The Box Company was very pleasant. All organization is taken care of, so that everyone can participate in an hour of solving riddles together. It flew by and afterwards there were positive reactions from colleagues.

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Marketing Team

Group of 70 people became fanatical

We participated in an escape room game from the Box Company with 70 of our employees. Great to see how fanatical everyone was! The game has many diverse questions, so we all had to work in groups of 5 or 6 to come up with the solutions. Tip for other users: make sure you schedule a little more time in advance to understand what the intention is, instead of just the duration of the game. Some groups started later and then it's over quickly. Thank you for this experience!

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HAN HAN Deeltijdopleidingen

Super fun game!

The Plug & Play game is a fun game to play with different small teams. There is a lot of variety in the assignments, something for everyone. The 90 minutes flew by!

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Itske Wouda
New|Mediacollege Amsterdam|

Engaging experience

Last week we had the pleasure of having a super fun experience thanks to the efforts of The Box Company. I can proudly say that the (custom) game they provided for us was a success.

With about 250 participants it seemed like a challenge to keep everyone involved and enthusiastic, but the time flew by! The game was carefully designed to challenge, collaborate and spark creativity.

Working with The Box Company was professional and seamless. They perfectly understood our needs and managed to translate them into an exciting gaming experience that perfectly matched the theme of our meeting.

We are very pleased with the course of this event and the positive impact it has had on our employees. Thanks!

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Tineke Vos
New|Beroepscollege Leystede|

Play it nice, break the ice/Plug and play

Very nice games for an introduction week. The games are very good for getting acquainted and the puzzles ensure good cooperation.
If you have any questions, The box company will provide a good solution. Very very pleasant!

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Gerrit Komrij College
New|Gerrit Komrij College|


We had a lot of fun this afternoon. All colleagues were enthusiastic and the girls who arranged everything on location did a very good job. Everything was taken out of your hands so that everyone could participate. The contact beforehand was also very pleasant.

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Marscha Wijsman
New|Sportfondsen Rotterdam|

Well organized

Play it nice, break the ice was the event we organized for our Team Day with the help of The Box Company. The contact was smooth and friendly. The information was clear and questions were answered quickly. The organization went well. In short, a successful event to let employees get to know each other better.

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Didi Thissen

Onboarding event

The Box Company provided a nice afternoon for our new employees. The participants played an escape game in which they had to work together a lot. The positive reactions showed that this was perfect for increasing networks. They got to know new colleagues through this interactive game. All in all a successful activity!

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Diana Haverkate

Escape on location

We have hired both escape rooms (15 minutes) at our party. We could do an escape room before, during and after dinner. Most guests were very enthusiastic and for some this was an introduction to an escape room. Had nice feedback from the guests. Provides conversation material.

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