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The Box Company
  • Markendaalseweg 44, 4811KC Breda, Netherlands
  • Certificate of Excellence 2021

The Box Company provides original team building activities for large groups (50 to 2000). challenge, competition, excitement and fun are the basic values ​​of every experience. The products and services of the customer can be fully included in the subject of the Boxes. This means that it is possible to give our games your personal touch.

The Box Company provides unique team building activities that perfectly fit into your program. You can opt for a standard game, but also for tailor-made solutions. Our knowledge and experience make the difference between a fun day and a "day to remember"!

An example of our boxes is the Escape Room Experience:

The Escape Room is a global craze where a group of people have to Escape an area full of assignments, codes and obstacles in one hour. Many Escape Rooms limit themselves to ± 10 participants at the same time. Something that immediately eliminates larger companies. The Box Company has developed an Escape Room Experience for groups of 50 to 2000 participants! A nerve-racking game with several rounds and a very exciting final. The game can be played at any location; at your office, an event location or another location chosen by you.

The Box Company
We give paper a second outing..Uhh life??
03 May 2022

Did you know that we recycle printed matter that is not reusable into (note)books? This is done by people at a distance from the Greenside🌳 labor market. In this way, the printed matter that we have already printed on recycled paper even gets a third life! And then 'boss over boss'; the winners of an activity are sent a notebook ...

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Esther Hollander

Escape rooms on location

In collaboration with The Box Company, we built two escape rooms at our office during a staff party. The escape rooms were challenging, the staff was friendly, the concept fully matched our wishes and the cooperation during the preparation was pleasant and smooth. All in all a successful day!

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Rene de Lange
New|Belastingdienst UHT B&I Zwolle|

Super fun experience with The Box Company

Super nice experience with The Box Company. On September 27, 2022, the Escape box was played with 26 teams of 6 people as part of a theme day. Fun , pleasure and objective working together completely achieved ! Guidance from The Box Company was also excellent and the afternoon went smoothly. Worth repeating and for next time a new challenging game variant!

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Marieke van de Leuvert

Activity very enthusiastically received!!

Experience with The Box Company is very positive. Consultant from The Box Company likes to think along with you and has a diverse range.
Finally put together a fun activity. Very professional guidance before and during the activity.

The activity was received very enthusiastically!

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Babette Strating
New|Vavo Lyceum Amersfoort (onderdeel van roc midden N|

Great experience with the escape room with our students!

We used the escape room when introducing our new students to the VAVO Lyceum Amersfoort. The aim was to break the ice with the students. Acquaintance and therefore more bond with the school. That certainly worked. The response from the students was extremely positive. And we, the teachers, saw the great enthusiasm. We did walk around to help and encourage a little here and there. Afterwards we had a prize (chocolate) for the best team.

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Roseri van den Besselaar
New|Bij Roos|

It was great!

We really enjoyed the escape room boxes with colleagues. Everyone was so fanatical! Very nice to do with a group. You quickly complement each other in many areas. It was very clear and also in terms of difficulty to do with each other. Thank you for this nice afternoon :)

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Hanneke Cools - Melief

Great afternoon with three teams from Leestalent

Friday afternoon in Utrecht, with three teams had plenty of fun, fun & challenge with the game of The Box Company!
What a cool way of working together & playing against each other. Fun, creatively conceived assignments of all kinds.
Very entertaining to see how you yourself and how others start to solve a 'problem'.
With my nice team we finished last…, but that didn't spoil the fun!

Thanks for the game and play time

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Klaas Kitten
New|Klaas Kittengroep|


We had a very nice teambuilding with our scouting association! It was very successful. The duration, difficulty and wash of the game were just right! Everyone could participate. By playing with small teams, we really worked together!

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Monique Leijten

Remote team building game

Nice digital game done (English) with our colleagues from Europe. Did various assignments in groups.
Good to work together in a different way and to look for solutions and different ways of interaction.

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Ivar Pondaag
New|De Leerweg|

Super fun business activity

Via Google we came across the box company and after a pleasant conversation we were convinced. We played the Plug and Play Experience as a team. It was well put together and we had a lot of fun with it. Highly recommended if you are looking for a fun business activity on location!

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Maries Q.


The game is very nicely put together. The many assignments are very varied (allowing each team member to excel). In the 75 minutes we did a lot of puzzling and laughing. It was a pleasant experience for everyone!

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Ingrid Janssen
New|Sportfondsen Nederland BV|


The communication before, during and after the event was superbly provided by The Box Company. Our managers did a lot of puzzling, laughing and fighting in an hour. Definitely recommended for everyone.

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Bianca Vergeest

Reconnect game is well put together!

Played the Reconnect Game live with about 100 colleagues and we were surprised about the well-thought-out but also difficult assignments. Very nice, enjoyed and thank you!

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Jill Vriens

Reconnecting Game

After almost 2 years of online events, we were finally able to meet the people of our department live again. To give it a nice, relaxed character, we ended the afternoon with the Reconnecting Game. About 175 colleagues worked fanatically in groups of 5/6 people with this very fun game, to which we also added a customization element with questions about our department. Only received enthusiastic reactions.
Thanks for the organization.

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Irma Rol

super satisfied

Very well organized and very versatile assignments,
We played the game with 80 people and we received only positive reactions from all sides.
So compliments for The Box Company

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Marianne Pot

What a battle!

We played the plug and play experience with our Management team. Clear communication in advance and items why present at the location well in advance. We entered the battle with 2 teams, clear explanations beforehand and a fierce battle for the win during the game. What increases the tension is that you can see the score of the other teams in the meantime. Definitely worth repeating!

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