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  • Nijverheidssingel 315, 4811 ZW Breda, Netherlands
  • Certificate of Excellence 2023

The Box Company provides original team building activities for large groups (50 to 2000). challenge, competition, excitement and fun are the basic values ​​of every experience. The products and services of the customer can be fully included in the subject of the Boxes. This means that it is possible to give our games your personal touch.

The Box Company provides unique team building activities that perfectly fit into your program. You can opt for a standard game, but also for tailor-made solutions. Our knowledge and experience make the difference between a fun day and a "day to remember"!

An example of our boxes is the Escape Room Experience:

The Escape Room is a global craze where a group of people have to Escape an area full of assignments, codes and obstacles in one hour. Many Escape Rooms limit themselves to ± 10 participants at the same time. Something that immediately eliminates larger companies. The Box Company has developed an Escape Room Experience for groups of 50 to 2000 participants! A nerve-racking game with several rounds and a very exciting final. The game can be played at any location; at your office, an event location or another location chosen by you.

The Box Company
We give paper a second outing..Uhh life??
May 3, 2022

Did you know that we recycle printed matter that is not reusable into (note)books? This is done by people at a distance from the Greenside🌳 labor market. In this way, the printed matter that we have already printed on recycled paper even gets a third life! And then 'boss over boss'; the winners of an activity are sent a notebook ...

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368 reviews on The Box Company - 9.6/10

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Sarah H.

Plug & Play - Good activity during a big meeting

We played Plug & Play (without guidance) with about 400 people, so 80 groups. The game is nicely packaged in a box with the group number on it. The explanation is clear and every group got started quickly. It was a nice end to a whole day of listening, with most of them working very fanatically. The results also arrived by email soon after the last group had finished. We've also gotten really good feedback from people about this, so I can definitely recommend it.

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Eva Munscher

Unique and original

On Tuesday, April 9, we had the Connect & Collab game provided by The Box Company.
This was a surprise for all participants. Everyone had a great evening!
The game has many different aspects and assignments, so there is something for everyone that he or she is good at. Teamwork is very important and is really encouraged. Our participants were pleasantly surprised by the questions and the level of difficulty.

We would like to thank Yana for her enthusiasm and guidance during the game. We would also like to thank Bert for the great cooperation.

This is definitely worth repeating!

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M. van Kuijk
New|VluchtelingenWerk Nederland|

Interactive activity

The Box Company's Plug & Play was a very fun and interactive game and our 4 teams participated enthusiastically. It was easy to understand even for less digitally skilled colleagues. They thought the time passed very quickly and wanted to continue even longer. Highly recommended to strengthen cooperation in a team!

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Liesbeth Saarloos
New|Ministerie van I&W|


A very successful team building activity. From young to old(er) participated enthusiastically. No one made it to the end, so there were plenty of riddles to solve. The scoring online and the assignments on the computer were clear. The assignments were sometimes easy and sometimes a little more difficult, but usually solved without help. It was also nice to see that everyone participated enthusiastically and was looking for a win. Tip: Include a prize with the game for the best group.

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Marlou Marlou van Westing

Surprisingly fun

Had a very fun gaming afternoon with the family with the plug and play Teambuilding Experience from The Box company. Everyone was surprised by the fun and diversity of the games. We had a great afternoon. Suitable for young and old!

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Kees Spee
New|Landstede MBO Salland|

Nice Plug and Play activity done!

Quick and good help with organizing a Plug & Play game. The preparation, ordering and contact were excellent. Pleasantly helpful and thoughtful. Everything went as agreed. The activity itself was fun to do. The instructions were clear and easy to play online with the box of tools we had received in advance. The company is highly recommended and so is the activity!

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Gerben van Veen

Fun game for team building!

Very nice game played through The Box Company! Ideal for large(r) groups and business teams. Everything is well arranged in terms of delivery, price, quality and the ability to play hybrid. Recommended for team building or fun activity during a business event!

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Thomas van Miert
New|Flowboost Industries|

Great game for remote teams

Great game to play when your team is working remotely. Can recommend it 100%.

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Monique Bakker
New|Holland Casino|

Nice interactive workshop

The collaboration and rapid switching with The Box Company went great. Nice, enthusiastic team that consults and keeps you informed from day to day.
The content is fun and creates a relaxed but fanatical atmosphere that increases cooperation between each other.

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Mark van Vliet
New|Woningstichting Barneveld|

Nice challenging evening, good service!

The Box Company provides a challenging evening of puzzling (escape room-like puzzles), where working with a team is crucial to solving the puzzles.
The Box Company responds very quickly to questions and adapts the box to the customer's wishes and also sends it on time, so that any problems can be resolved in time for a very successful evening with colleagues. We were so fanatic that our brains overheated at the end of the evening!😅

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Petra Buskens
New|Damen Personeelsvereniging|

Fun escape box challenge

What a nice concept. Simple concept and therefore accessible to many. We only received nice reactions, there were 55 of us. Assignments were varied and easy to do (not for some hahaha). Highly recommended!

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Peter Peter Slijkhuis

Super fun custom game!

The Connect & Collab game provided a good hour of entertainment with almost 100 players involved from all over the world! The customization revisited a number of topics that had previously been mentioned during various presentations. In this way there was no doubt that these matters were brought to the attention of the participants. Everyone participated enthusiastically and during the hour people became more and more enthusiastic, which led to a fun and pleasant atmosphere and where people got to know each other better.

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Kiri Kalaitzis
New|DPG Media|

Escape room experience

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service I received. Prior to our event, there was extensive communication with us, where all options and required information were clearly discussed. This gave us a lot of confidence and a good feeling about the collaboration.
On the day itself everything went extremely smoothly. The Box Company team not only arrived on time to get everything ready, but also created a very pleasant atmosphere during the event. Everyone experienced it as a lot of fun, partly thanks to their professional approach and friendly attitude.
What I also particularly appreciated was the fact that they contacted us afterwards to inquire whether everything had gone according to plan. This shows that they are truly committed to their customers and strive for optimal satisfaction.
All in all, I am very satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend them to others who are looking for a reliable partner for their events.

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Marèl Leferink op Reinink

Perfect team building activity for remote teams

We did the Remote Teambuilding Activity with a small team of 6 people spread across locations in the Netherlands and USA. Even though the maximum is actually 5 people per team, we were able to have 6 in 1 team so that we could focus on improving our collaboration. Because we all have a part of the puzzle, everyone has to think along and work together, and you prevent team members from being drowned out.
It is a short but valuable activity in which you learn a lot about each other, but also have a lot of fun at the same time. I can definitely recommend this to teams that work together from different locations.

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Karen de Fouw

Plug and Play Experience - highly recommended!

During our away day we played the Plug and Play Experience as a team activity. This was a lot of fun to do and everyone was enthusiastic! The explanation of the game was clear and communication with the contact person went very well. Everything was fine and we enjoyed it! To be repeated!😀

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