AMS is specialized in medical event assistance.

We stand for full professional medical assistance at events such as parties, concerts, sports competitions, corporate parties and VIP parties. From large-scale events to small-scale support for local events. With our staff, equipment and vehicles, we are your ideal partner in every area. Whether it is inside a stadium, concert hall or sports hall, outside on a festival site, on the beach or somewhere off-road in nature, we can adapt to everything.

Our medical team is carefully composed based on professional training and experience from the daily practice of health care. As a result, the team guarantees an adequate assessment of health status and treatment. The team also identifies potential risks and disruptions, observes, monitors and stabilizes the patient if necessary. We work according to our protocols which we have designed specifically for event care together with our medical steering group (doctor and nurse).

If necessary, we come to explore the site beforehand (if desired with a drone), plan the necessary safety meetings, make a medical operation order (script) and ensure the necessary contacts with the FPS Public Health.

After your event, we will make a detailed report of our assistance at your request.

We can also be your partner to complement the existing aid organization. In the form of additional care providers, nurses, doctors or medical equipment.


We can also be your partner for TV and film recordings. Do you need an ambulance, medical team or expertise for film or television recordings? Then we can help you with this, so that everything can be presented realistically and correctly.

AMS medical team
First aid training
07 October 2019

From now on, you can also contact AMS for a first aid training company emergency response officer in accordance with the FPS WASO

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Lorenzo W.
Leader |

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18 reviews on AMS medical team - 9.6/10

Kathleen Houben

A reassurance that you were there.

Glad you were on standby with a team. Thanks.

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Sara Bouten
New|Paardensport Vlaanderen|

Smooth, correct and comprehensive cooperation

The eventing discipline of Equestrian Flanders has been working with A.M.S. We are very satisfied with the assistance they provide at our competitions. A.M.S works very independently and even thinks about things that the organizer or the league does not think about. A.M.S. invests annually so that they can offer even better assistance year after year.

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Feedback from AMS medical team on this review:

Thanks for the nice words and compliments!

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Lise Moermans
Expert|Axion Invest nv|

Good, flexible and fast service

AMS Medical is a flexible service that can provide the necessary assistance in a short time. They are correct in terms of price and a quote is always provided quickly. They are always on site on time and are ready to provide the right assistance.

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Gina Bex
New|Drafrennen Tongeren vzw|

Everything is perfect

Every Saturday at the racecourse and the board is very satisfied with the cooperation of AMS.

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Frank Willems
New|Harlekijn vzw|

AMS: very good

Everything in top order during the Vechmaal Carnival party

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Stephanie Pl
New|Towel Media|

very nice cooperation!

We have collaborated with the AMS Medical Team for film recordings and that collaboration went very smoothly. In the run-up, we had a very smooth communication and we thought about how to render what we asked for as realistic as possible. Both gentlemen were also present in plenty of time. Given the weather conditions, we had to wait extra and that was no problem. The images look fantastic and it was a pleasure to work with them. We will not forget you, on to the next one! Thank you!

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Martijn Nys


As usual, AMS Medical Team has done fantastic work again! 4000 guests over 2 days was no problem for them! We received compliments from the Genk medical emergency team for their professional approach!

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johan de kimpe
New|algemene markthandelaars vereniging|

Rubens market

everything was fine as agreed

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Daan Buteneers

Excellent training

I followed the emergency response training at AMS.
Everything was explained correctly and smoothly and the necessary didactic material was abundantly available.
AMS training courses are highly recommended because they adapt them to the needs of the customer.

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Jan Van Elslande

Adequate care, friendly people.

Helpful, ready to provide care where / when needed. Friendly people.
Adequate medical equipment on site.
Good cooperation with the doctor.

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Sara Bouten
New|Vlaamse Liga Paardensport|

First aid during eventing competitions

A.M.S. is available for medical support during Flemish eventing competitions. Eventing is a sport that does involve some major risks. A.M.S. is, however, sufficiently equipped to be quickly on site even in the event of a serious accident and to provide the necessary support to the injured person.
The cooperation is very smooth. A.M.S itself takes the initiative to contact the organization of the competition to make the necessary preparations and to collect the necessary information so that they can be very prepared on the day itself. The debriefing after a match is also very smooth and friendly. We are extremely satisfied!

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Romain Martens

March 3, jumping cross in Moerbeke-waas

Great experience, with people who are top equipped
luckily there were no injuries, but these people are really well equipped for events that require special vehicles.
Thanks and see you next year

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Sarah Pictoel
New|Judoclub Sint-Truiden|

Assistance first aid

What a service!
We would like to thank you for your assistance during our judo event. Your professional competence is an asset!

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Vince Jacobs

Good medical partner

When planning our event, we looked for someone who could provide us with a first aid booth. After searching on we found A.M.S., and they certainly did not disappoint us. Good contact and a smooth and friendly service are always important when looking for a supplier, and that is what we received. So, thank you A.M.S. for the good care.

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jos Broos
New|Cycling Team Tilt vzw|

Medical assistance during cycling races

Our organization is very satisfied to have worked with the people of AMS at 3 of our organizations in 2017. Very correct, punctual and friendly.

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Robert Feucht
New|KWSC Sport en Steun De Sportvrienden Brustem|

Ambulance services at sporting events.

As a cycling club, we organize three cycling races on the first Sunday of the Belgian cycling competition, two of which ride in line. AMS provides medical assistance for this and does this in a very professional and correct manner. The club is extremely satisfied with their service!

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Philip Vanweddingen
New|Dr. Vanweddingen|

AMS vzw approaches perfection

I am a very satisfied customer of AMS vzw. Everything is always very professional with adequate equipment and properly trained personnel! I can only recommend AMS vzw. They may be slightly more expensive, but it is all professionalism with a correct attitude towards organization and care recipient. Top company !!

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Linda Brusselaers
New|Fun Athlon|


We notice the professionalism of the company. Quite a difference from the red cross. They do not take any risks in the diagnoses they make. I am very satisfied with the collaboration and hope to be able to call on you again next year. A big thank you!

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