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CrowdUltra is an all-in-one event app tailored to enhance any in-person or virtual occasion alongside a social platform connecting crowds to bring everyone closer together. 


Create a Channel for your occasion to establish an organized social hub for the occasion. Channels increase connection, engagement, awareness, and event attendance. Add additional Channel information using the editor or by embedding webpages for the Channel and ticketing/merchandise.


Create Events for any aspect of the occasion such as panel Q&A’s, keynote speeches, performances, and workshops. Events enable organized engagement surrounding the specific occasion, establish an organized location to provide robust information, and allow the Crowd to stay on top of everything. Hosts can put on virtual or hybrid events that allow those who cannot physically attend the occasion to be a part of the Crowd. They can also augment the experience in a way where people find value and recollect after the event has occurred.

Each Event includes an image, location, date and time, and description. Those attending the occasion can establish a unique roadmap or schedule for their day and bookmark Events to quickly access them. Members of the crowd can also see who else is attending an Event and who they follow that is attending, to meet up with them or build new connections. Private events can be enabled with a custom pin so only certain people have access.

Each Event can have additional information pertaining to the occasion through their editor with embeddable integrations or by embedding webpages. The crowd of attendees can then download, listen, or watch content directly in the platform, purchase merchandise or tickets increasing sales, and learn more about spotlighted sponsors or resources. Video can be recorded to Dropbox, livestreams can be broadcasted on YouTube, and recorded video or presentation slides can be embedded within any Event.

Panelists and speakers involved in the Event can also be easily included. Doing so spreads awareness to their followers and enables them to engage in an organized fashion with interested attendees. If they already have an account, they will be invited to accept the Event within the platform. Otherwise, they will be emailed a link and login pin for access.

Event Engagement & Audience Interaction

Event Q&A:

Q&A is beneficial for many events and one of the favorite aspects of many occasions. Getting in line or passing around a microphone to ask a question is less efficient and effective than using CrowdUltra. Audience interaction apps commonly used like Slido are also limited in comparison to CrowdUltra.

Questions can be allowed to be asked before, during, after, or some combination of the three. Questions can be asked in audio, video, written, or anonymous format. Questions can be asked in general as well as to a specific Host or Speaker.

Questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on Crowd voting to assist in showing the Host or moderator what the Crowd has the most curiosity about, saving time. There may be no need for a moderator using CrowdUltra either. Questions can be answered in audio, video, or written format. They can also be marked as answered if they were answered verbally during the event or dismissed to take them off the list and hide them.

Event Posts:

Attendees can be enabled to easily post, share, and connect surrounding the event. Creating this organized environment that sparks interaction increases the effectiveness of social engagement and connection surrounding the event. Posts also enhance the experience allowing the Crowd to share their experience, be creative, have fun, as well as inform and help others.

Event Posts can be enabled before, during, after, or some combination of the three like Q&A. Hosts can allow the Crowd to post audio, video, images, links, YouTube/Vimeo videos, or written posts. Posts can also be posted anonymously if enabled.

Event Posts are shown in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on Crowd voting. Every post can be responded to by Hosts and Panelists/Speakers with audio, video, images, links, YouTube/Vimeo videos, or in written format. They can be highlighted as well to show the whole crowd or dismissed to remove from the list.

Event Meet & Greets:

The final way engagement can be enabled is through participating in Meet & Greets with the Crowd. Allow attendees to join an ordered queue or submit their conversation topic to pre-screen. Then engage with one or more attendees via audio or video chat like Zoom. After the conversation has finished, remove them from the chat and be automatically paired with the next person in the queue or select the next interesting topic. The audio or video can be recorded to Dropbox or recorded and livestream broadcast to YouTube as well for future viewing.

Daily Feed:

CrowdUltra also has a daily feed made to enhance engagement by communicating in a powerful way that effectively extends awareness and increases connection. CrowdUltra gives you access to 100% of attendees that follow the occasion instead of <1–10%. It also does not advertise or have algorithms manipulating viewership and effectiveness.

Ask daily questions to those following your Channels and Events in audio, video, or written format. Answer their questions in audio, video, or written format. Also send announcements using their editor with embeddable integrations or repost event information to spotlight the occasion. Announcements keep those interested in the loop to extend awareness and reach.

Additional Features

CrowdUltra also offers additional functionality that is extremely powerful. One example is that Hosts can send emails to everyone following a specific Channel or Event. They can also export information about attendees including their name and email to contact them outside of the platform.

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10 reviews on CrowdUltra - 10/10

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Rose Accosta
New|C3 Women's Conference|

Our women's conference attendees love crowdultra

We have used CrowdUltra for the last two years of our women's conference. We received positive reception from our attendees. Most attendees used the app which was not the case with the app we used in the past. They liked that there was plenty of beneficial resource information and links. More attendees participated in audience interaction opportunities because CrowdUltra made it so easy. Our attendees also seemed to network more since they were able to on the app if they could not at the conference.

Trevor Streng
New|Business Planning Series|

CrowdUltra is affordable and useful

I host small virtual and in-person events twice a month. I started using CrowdUltra at the beginning of the pandemic. Before using CrowdUltra I never used an event app for the events because they were too expensive for our small events. I would not use an app for in-person events and only use Zoom for virtual events. CrowdUltra offers us the same app experience events such as SXSW get but at a price I can afford. The app has amazing features and has made my events so much better.

Tesh Chand
New|Enterprise Connect Orlando|

CrowdUltra Took Our Conference To The Next Level

We've been holding Enterprise Connect Orlando for almost a decade. We've used various event apps prior to CrowdUltra including Aventri and Cvent. We came across CrowdUltra before this year's conference and I'm glad we did.

This was the first year we were set to hold a hybrid version of the conference. CrowdUltra enabled us to do this with ease. Their event app is superior to the prior apps we used for in-person attendees and it was also amazing to use for our virtual attendees. We were able to provide an engaging and fun experience for everyone attending.

The social platform also allowed us to foster better relationships with attendees throughout the year and attendees have built friendships through CrowdUltra during their time at the Conference.

I would recommend CrowdUltra to anyone and think this is the event app of the future.

Dalton Watkins

Best Q&A functionality for events

We've been using CrowdUltra for panel Q&A events. We had used Slido in the past, and it did not offer as good of a Q&A experience at a more costly price. The rest of the event app is also great and I would recommend it to any event planner.

Ryan Moore
New|Trek Conventions|

CrowdUltra Strengthened Our Community

Since using CrowdUltra, our community has been strengthened. Prior event apps we used did their job but did nothing beyond being informative and offering us some back-end analytics, and were expensive. CrowdUltra's audience interaction features and social feed has increased engagement not just during our conventions, but all throughout the year.

Meyers Raborwitz
New|Women In Technology Summits|

love using crowdultra for our virtual events

When the pandemic began we transitioned to doing virtual events. We tried a few different platforms over the first few months until we found the best one for us. We decided to try CrowdUltra and have been using it ever since for more than 20 virtual events.

We love what CrowdUltra offers. The app works just as well for our smaller virtual events of only around 50 people and our big bi-annual events with more than 5,000. We can broadcast livestreams, have audience interaction, show off sponsors and resources, allow our attendees to network and connect with each other, and enable our vendors to video chat with attendees. Their quick join feature also makes it so easy for our virtual attendees to attend and engage at our virtual events.

1 like|
Johnny Feigan
New|the Entrepreneur and Entertainment Expo|

The best value an event app offers

CrowdUltra will be the only event app I use for several reasons:
1. They offer an event app with everything needed at a much more affordable price than other event apps
2. We've been able to grow our community and spread awareness since they're a social platform
3. Our attendees enjoy being able to engage with one another and the talent
4. Our sponsors and vendors are able to share whatever they want, engage with interested attendees, and export their information for after the expo

1 like|
Demari Thompson
New|LA Hip Hop Events|

Best app for festivals and concerts I've used

I've been involved in planning hip hop concerts and music festivals for over a decade. I've used various event apps that were made for festivals and had our team build apps for festivals. I can say 100% that CrowdUltra has offered the best experience.

CrowdUltra has allowed us to embed artist's webpages and playlists which is cool. Our audiences enjoy being able to find and meet up with one another. Our hired artists have stated they've benefited from CrowdUltra because it helped spread better awareness, the platform made it easier for them to connect with attendees, and they liked that we allowed them to sell their merchandise directly within the platform.

I've only personally used CrowdUltra for music-based events, but I imagine any event would greatly benefit using the social platform.

1 like|
Tom Barton
New|PRIMA Conferences|

Audience Engagement Is Amazing On CrowdUltra

I've used CrowdUltra now for several various sized events and love how much it has increased engagement. I'm able to select a few different audience interaction options like Q&A and posts. Everything is organized and it has made panels easier.

We've also experienced increased engagement surrounding sponsors, exhibitors, and those we hire for the event, which has been appreciated by those we work with. CrowdUltra allows us to include plenty of information and even embed webpages. Compared to prior event apps we've used, we noticed attendees were more engaged with information and resources we were sharing.

Since CrowdUltra is also a social platform, we've improved overall engagement from event to event as well. We can connect with attendees and spread awareness about upcoming events we are hosting whenever we want.

1 like|
Nikki Burns
New|Animatic Con|

Great experience with their all-in-one event app

We have enjoyed our experience using CrowdUltra for our anime convention and smaller quarterly events. They allow us to set things up exactly how we want to. We were also able to increase panel engagement compared to when using Slido in the past. Attendees seemed to like that the event app was also a social platform.

1 like|
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