Why should I upload my permit?

If you have an event venue, you can upload your environmental permit on eventplanner.net.


By uploading your permit you take away the headaches of organizers on safety and environment when renting your venue. At a glance, you show visitors that you are compliant with reguslations. Every visitor can see that you have uploaded a permit, but only our .PRO members can access the file. Two minutes of work for you and stress release for your clients makes your venue stand out.



Which document should I upload exactly?

All consents and safety regulations are bundled in an environmental permit. It is that document that you can upload in pdf on our site.



What about confidential passages that are not relevant to organizers?

You can remove passages from the document, but then briefly indicate which passages have been deleted and why. This can be done by, for example, adding a cover page with instructions for organizers. Provide correct and up-to-date information so that your client will not be faced with surprises later on. Please note that eventplanner.net is not responsible for the content of the document you upload.



I have additional safety information about my event venue. Can I also share it?

Yes, certainly! You can add the additional pages at the back of the same pdf-file and then upload it as a single file containing all relevant pages.



Ok, I want to get started! How do I load the document?

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on 'settings' on the dashboard next to the business page for which you want to upload an environmental permit.
  • You can then upload your permit at the bottom of the page under the tab 'info'.

Do you have questions? Are you running into something? Contact us.