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NOVOTIX offers an innovative and technological solution that allows you to gain full control over ticket sales and access control.

We specialize in tight and clear communication between the sales portal and the visitor to your event. Whether the event is free, involves 20,000 visitors or is small and intimate, we have a suitable solution for every type of event. Simple, simple and effective as it should be.

You and our safety are also very important in our company profile. The NOVOTIX platform therefore consists of various technological modules that make it easy and safe for the visitor to order an e-ticket for your event.

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20 reviews on Novotix - 9.4/10

Jeroen van Eijl
New|JevE-I projects|

Top service!

Rented equipment from Novotix, received good service and everything was arranged perfectly.
I definitely recommend this company!

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Willem van Vugt
New|LEF marketing & events|

Flexible and effective web app for registration and ticketing

I have experienced Novotix as an easy platform (or web app) to create forms and sell tickets. Everything is possible and fortunately as a user you can do a lot yourself. I actually didn't need the support. On the admin side, the interface looks modern - and is fast! Scanning tickets on location is easy with the supplied hardware.

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Roald Jonkman
New|Het Uilennist|

Ticket service for events Uilennist

For our bird of prey & owl farm Het Uilennist in Ossenisse, we annually organize various open days and workshops in the summer season.
This season we used our last open day of a ticket shop via the Novotix platform.
The shop is clear and can be made entirely in our Owlennist's own style. the page is clear and user-friendly, and the service we received was very pleasant, a lot is possible and people think along with us. Novotix has also made it possible for us to use a mobile pin function on location. All in all, a very positive experience.

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Erik Broocks
New|Erik Broocks|

Top service & amp; clear communication

I used the Novotix platform for various own events. This platform is very clear and user-friendly. The service that Novotix offers is just like the communication with Novotix in a word super.

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DSK Events
New|DSK Events|

Fine cooperation

For us as an event organization, it is nice to work with Novotix. They can offer what we ask for and otherwise come up with a different solution. The system they use is easy to understand. If we cannot resolve something, we will send a message and it will be resolved quickly. The company also tries to think along and know what they are talking about because they have a lot of experience in organizing events, paid every week what has been sold in tickets, so that we do not have to wait for the event to take place. Service is high with them, contact with the employees is always friendly and solution-oriented and the company is also available during the event. We are very pleased with Novotix and are going for a bright future with them.

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Nathalie Willems
New|The Lighthouse|

Customer support on a human scale

What I appreciate about working with Novotix is primarily the people behind it. Clearly a team with the heart in the right place, who do not distinguish between small or large customers, but offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy professional support and to learn and grow together.
Everything is negotiable, co-creation is encouraged and the look and support are of a qualitative and professional level. Recommended!

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Erik Van den Broeke
New|Erik Broocks|

Top Service

Worked together with Novotix for various events. Top Service and very good communication!

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Keith De Vos

Shameful company.

payouts not completed, hack that causes all data to be lost etc etc. don't use it !!

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Feedback from Novotix on this review:

Dear Keith,

It is a pity that you write about us like that, but we are not aware of this.

Could you send us an email at with more information about your review?

Thanks in advance!


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Paul van den Bergen

Good service, user-friendly and safe

For Structura Outdoor we hired Novotix to take care of the ticket sales for us. The collaboration was great and more than optimal. The system that Novotix uses is simple, user-friendly and above all safe. The service fee is low and payment is made once a week. So you don't have to wait long for the entrance income. Other than that, the service is great. Novotix thinks along with the customer in order to act quickly and adequately. I can recommend Novotix to anyone who organizes events.

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Davor Vrebac

Appointments kept

Worked with this company several times. Always completely satisfied. Pleasant cooperation. Good advice. Everything arranged down to the last detail. The best thing is that all agreements are just kept. Once in their hands, you can trust that it will be all right.

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Harmke de Zwart
New|C.V. de Snotkokers|

Good service and material

As a carnival association we need walkie-talkies to guide the car. We have been renting these from Novotix for years. The company is very flexible and the staff thinks in terms of solutions. They have always helped us well. This way we can pick up the walkie-talkies when it is convenient and they are also willing to bring them home if it does not suit us. The walkie-talkies work very well and have a strong range. We are very satisfied with Novotix.

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Hans Dobbelaar


At CITYLIFE we have used NOVOTIX
once To create clarity for both parties, we have agreed well in advance to go through everything. It was noticeable that NOVOTIX are very cooperative, motivated and price-wise very good. What was also a huge advantage for us is the weekly payment of the ticket sales instead of afterwards like most companies. This company is definitely recommended!

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Mischa Mischa Van Bree

Novotix -I Love House

I used Novotix twice for ticket sales for my event I Love House. Receive very personal guidance and explanation / information about all options regarding ticket sales. Good company that is willing to go the extra mile for its users!

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Jeroen Moraal
New|Jeroen Moraal|

Ticket sales went very well!

I used novotix as ticket sales for the release of my collection of poems. It worked well and quickly with my website. Highly recommended!

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Cindy Van der Zalm
New|Stichting Live Stage Terneuzen|

Good service

Collaborated with this company from the beginning, and my experience is that they provide a good service, think along with their customers and can solve any problems quickly and efficiently.

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Mickey Verbist
New|Mickey V|

Review Novotix

While organizing an event for 150 people, opted for ticket sales via Novotix. I have experienced the direct approach and short line with the company as very nice.

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Jordi Maas

Great service!

We regularly use Novotix for our visitor registration. The system is basically simple and easy to manage. The event-specific overview page is also a very useful tool because you can see at a glance how things are. The service is top notch and the support options are very broad.

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Tjeerd Maasland
New|Aqua ad Vinum|

Super service!

Very satisfied with the service from these men!

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Ilona van Dorsselaer

Revolutionary system!

Novotix is a young and dynamic company with an eye to the future. A revolutionary system that always thinks out of the box and makes optimal use of all possibilities to make the ticket process as smooth as possible. Price / quality ratio and service are certainly in order. I have good experiences with this in various events small and large and I can strongly recommend this company!

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Dimitri Geers

Simple and easy to use

For one of our events, New Years Xperience, we used the Novotix eticket platform for the first time. In contrast to our previous provider, the collaboration with Novotix was an incredible improvement. Novotix goes that extra mile, without you having to ask for it. The platform is clear, user-friendly and very easy to use. In addition, the service fee that is used, unlike other providers, is low and they pay out once a week as standard. The weekly payout was therefore a huge outcome for us, as about 70% to 80% of all costs for the event have to be paid. Novotix is definitely recommended and a party that even thinks along with the organization of the event. Top service, keep it up for the future!

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