Cum Laude Events

Cum Laude Events

Cum Laude has been surprising clients from the most diverse sectors with high-quality events for over 20 years. Whether it concerns the large-scale launch of a new product, a vibrant staff party, a sporty department outing in a limited circle, a festive opening reception or a business conference for a select group: no challenge is too much for us. We come up with the concepts and monitor their realization from start to finish.

11 reviews on Cum Laude Events - 9.4/10

Sharon Lee
New|Kuehne + Nagel|

Work with Cum Laude and you are at ease!

I've been working with Cum Laude for years. They are professionals and make me feel at ease. They have made every event a sounding one for us. I love this 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' team because I know... they got this!

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Ksenia Kostetskaia

creative and caring event

Have been working with Cum Laude since i joined my current department as Even planner. Have never had such a creative, flexible and organized event support ever. Staff is very attentive, and will alway advice best options to enhance your ideas or in case of lack of last - just make the full event for you. big groups - no problem at all, you still feel the personal attention. recommended by me with 100% warranty)

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Heidi Didden
New|Wolters Kluwer|

Skills Festival - Kluwer Trainings

From the first contact, communication and cooperation with Cum Laude has always been perfect. They have always listened carefully to our wishes and applied them throughout the development of the event. Last minute changes to what was planned were also no problem and were carried out with a smile and care. I will certainly use Cum Laude at a next event.

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Annemie Wyn
New|Grundfos Bellux NV|

Looking for a successful event?

We have already worked with Cum Laude several times for the organization of our events on location. They have always offered us a very wide range of activities as well as a perfect organization and preparation of the event. Shortly before the start of the event, the customer receives a script with all the details, which makes it very easy to follow up everything yourself. Even during the events themselves, everything runs smoothly. We are already looking forward to the next collaboration!

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Ben Verhaege
New|Janssen Pharmaceutica - ID&V - Regulatory Medical |

Cum Laude Events

Based on previous experience within our company, we have chosen to work with Cum Laude Events for our Team Event.
The first proposal was immediately in line with our expectations. After a smooth contact, the plan became concrete. Cum Laude has succeeded in working out a fun Team Event for us in a short time.
Everything was well arranged on the spot. The eating habits of our employees were taken into account, the transport and time of the events were monitored on site by the Cum Laude manager.
We are very satisfied with the collaboration and plan to call on Cum Laude in the future for a great Event.

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Lut Van Berckelaer
New|Janssen Benelux|

A very reliable partner in the organization of our events

My experience with Cum Laude is that they go for absolute quality, they offer a total package and give full support, prior to the event and during the event. During the event they offer this support in a very discreet way, from the background they ensure that everything runs smoothly. Every event that I have organized through them went smoothly and completely according to my wishes.

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Marion Peeraer
New|Van Neerbos België NV|

Event with a twist

When organizing the event, Cum Laude made proposals - when an unexpected problem arose with the subcontractor during the rollout, our participants did not notice anything.
It was a smooth and inventive collaboration.

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Ron Magis
New|stad Mortsel|

Review: Cum Laude Events

For several years now, the city of Mortsel has been working with Cum Laude for various events. This was always accompanied by a correct and pleasant cooperation, specifically with Sarah Van de Velde. If possible, we certainly wish to commit Cum Laude in the future.

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Wim Meert

Event agency Cum Laude knows how to tackle things.

Cum Laude knows how to tackle things. From the moment the initiative emerges, they focus on the objective and the initial outlines of the event. Both in terms of content and in terms of general framework, they think along and, if necessary, strong partners are engaged Cum Laude is very flexible and tries to fulfill the customer's wishes right up to the last moment.
When the event takes place, everything is closely followed up and adjusted where necessary.
And lessons are learned from the debriefing for the next time that are actually included.
A strong and recommended event agency.

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New|GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg|

Experience with Cum Laude

So far we have organized 2 major events with Cum Laude. We could always count on them from A to Z. All agreements made are always clearly stated on e-mail. Good price / quality ratio of the services provided. Deadlines are respected. They are also always ready to provide advice and find a solution for any question. It is important that they were able to 'unburden' us enormously at the events. We have decided to entrust our next event to them.

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Gert Wilgenhof

Cooking class Antwerp

Cum Laude Events offered a couple of good ideas for a social activity to combine with our meeting in Antwerp. The final choice to go for the Cooking Class turned out to be a very good one. Cum Laude suggested the location, arranged the group transport and the special requests on the invoicing. If you choose to partner with Cum Laude, you can be re assured that your social event will run smooth.

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