What are the conditions for the 'Certificate of Excellence'?

Would you, as an event company or venue, also want to add the eventplanner.net 'Certificate of Excellence' to your list of achievements? And in this way show all your customers and the entire event sector that your company is ready for them every day with a smile?

These are the conditions:

  • We award the certificate on the basis of the scores by customers via our review system. To collect reviews you need a company page on our website. You can choose a free or professional business page.
  • You must collect at least 10 reviews (of which at least 5 posted in the past 12 months, we close the period each time at the end of September).
  • You must achieve an average score of more than 90%.

We check at 1 fixed moment per year whether your company meets all the above conditions. We take the snapshot on the night of September 30 to October 1. All reviews that are not yet confirmed and/or approved at that time will not be taken into consideration. Only reviews that are live are eligible.