Comm.on a dit: Meertalige presentaties (Nl/Fr/Eng)

Comm.on a dit: Meertalige presentaties (Nl/Fr/Eng)

Comm.on a dit: Meertalige presentaties (Nl/Fr/Eng)
  • Jetse Laan 148 bus 2, 1090 Brussel, Belgium

Filip De Rycke, multilingual (N/F/E) host with years of experience.

Filip has more than two decades of experience as a journalist , including 15 years as news chief, political analyst and news anchor at BRUZZ, the Flemish-Brussels Media. His skills in both Dutch and French make him a sought-after Brussels expert, not only in Dutch-language, but also in French-language media such as LN24, RTBF and BX1. This gives him a unique view of the complexity and nuances that the language border entails.

In the role of communications expert, Filip is not only a skilled presenter, moderator and Master of Ceremony , but also someone you can call on to streamline communication around your events. He has experience in hosting live and hybrid events for organizations such as EBP, FPS Health, FPS Economy, the European Presidency, Voka, National Bank, IrisCare, The Brussels Region, Chamber of Commerce, Luminus and BNP Paribas Fortis.

His extensive experience in radio and television also makes him the perfect candidate for presenting podcasts and vodcasts. Filip's approach is straightforward, enhanced by a boyish, journalistic curiosity that always creates memorable moments.

Filip is also available as a public speaking coach . He has a special focus on helping people overcome their stress and stage fright so they can speak confidently and authentically in front of a group.

As an Award Winning documentary maker, Filip also has an impressive portfolio. His documentary "Swept Away, drift between Alaska & Siberia" won the National Geographic Travel Prize at the Trento Film Festival in 2007. The film explores the exciting Bering Strait Expedition of the late polar explorer Dixie Dansercoer.

Whether you are looking for a versatile presenter, a communications expert for your event, or a coach to help you with public speaking, Filip is the ideal person to take your event or project to the next level .

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Ewout Demuynck
New|Centrale Raad voor het Bedrijfsleven|

Dedicated, professional and sympathetic

Together with the Central Business Council, we engaged Filip as moderator for our two events, which we organized together with the European Economic and Social Committee in the context of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Filip accomplished this task with great distinction. Throughout the entire process he was extremely accessible, genuinely interested and very committed in his preparation to optimally fulfill his role. He delved into the matter, asked many questions, obtained information from third parties, was very understanding and flexible, and proactively took initiatives. During both events he fulfilled his role as moderator/master of ceremonies with great competence. He managed to seamlessly connect the different parts of the day, initiate discussions, respect the timing perfectly, interrupt people when necessary, ask the right questions and take the event as a whole to the next level.

In short, we were extremely satisfied with Filip. This feeling was confirmed by several attendees who explicitly told us that they thought the moderation was excellent. Moreover, the collaboration with Filip was very smooth and pleasant. We will definitely contact him again for future events!

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Feedback from Comm.on a dit: Meertalige presentaties (Nl/Fr/Eng) on this review:

Thank you very much for the great cooperation Ewout. Your support has been enormous. On to the next!

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