Review API: integrate reviews on your own website

To display your reviews on your own website, there are two options:

  • You place the review widget (5 minutes work, anyone can do it)
  • You build an integration via our API (for this you need an experienced developer, on average 1-2 days implementation)

There are two reasons why you opt for extensive integration via our API:

  • You want more control over how you display the review score on your site
  • With structured data you want to ensure that Google shows rating stars for your website (more info Google Structured Review Data)

The use of the review API (standard) is free for event businesses with a paid business page on our website. With the API you can show your review score on your site. For specific applications where you want to display the reviews themselves, an 'extended version' of the API is available (rates on request).


Conditions for using the review API

  • Close to the review score you must always display the logo with the mention 'reviews powered by'. You must also place a link to your business page on our website so that visitors can read all reviews and write a review themselves.
  • The response of the API call must be cached locally. In this way you shouldn't do an API call to our platform for every visitor to your website. We recommend a cache TTL of 2 hours. You must at least update the review score once a day via the API so that you always display a recent score.
  • If you want to display the ranking in the form of stars, we round down to a half star: 9.8 is shown as 4.5 stars, 8.9 as 4 stars, ...
  • You have a paying business page on
  • You understand that if you no longer meet the above conditions, we can revoke the API key.


Review API documentation

Request review API key

To request an API key, follow these steps:

  • You have the necessary technical knowledge (you have read and understood the technical documentation) to perform the integration.
  • You agree to all terms and conditions for using the review API.
  • You make your request via
  • With your application you attach, for approval, a design of what the integration will look like on your website.
  • After approval of your design you will receive your API key and you can get started.