Yvan's CS-Chauffeured Services

Yvan's CS-Chauffeured Services

  • Stompaertshoek 3/102, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

Measurements taken against Covid-19:

  • Disinfection hand gel on board(75% alcohol).
  • For the moment maximum 2 passengers.
  • No passenger allowed in the front seat.
  • Face mask for the Driver. Please provide your own mask.(only by 2 passengers) I’ll try to get masks for passengers but can’t promise I’ll have some all the time.
  • Safety screen between driver and passengers back seat.
  • Cleaning products: Dettol tissues and spray.
  • Anti-bacterial coating on de whole interior of the car.

Info about the Anti-Bacterial coating:

  • Coating by LIQUID GARD
  • Anti_Bacterial and Anti-Viral
  • Nano technology
  • More info:liquidguard dot de

Yvan’s CS(Chauffeured Services) stands for: Safety, discretion,correct, flexible and comfortable personal transport. With 10 year’s experience in the business branches, media and private service, you can say there is an excellent expertise concerning personal transport.

Specialized in offering my services to railway operators. Flexibility, real time adjustments are no problem.

The goal is providing a personal service taking into the customers privacy, needs and habits.

With the Range Rover Discovery, you and/or your guests will transported to your destination in a safe and comfortable way to all west-European destinations.

Airport, Seaport, trainstations, restaurants, events, short and long distances, national and international(west-Europe)

Based in Mechelen, Belgium.

By law, you have order services as from 3 working hours, these 3 hours may be separated in several tasks (Say, if you have 3 hours in one year, it's ok)

Looking Forward to welcome you on board of my Range Rover.

Sincerely, Yvan

Yvan's CS-Chauffeured Services
07 August 2020

And that they are happy with their masks.😷 The train drivers of Lineas. Face masks with Yvan'-CS and Lineas logo. Lineas, my dear and loyal customer.🙏 However, there is still room. Someone on a project that fits a rental car with driver? Fixed rates (to be discussed). Safe and comfortable car (Covid-19 proof). All European destinations. Weekly assignments? ...

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Yvan's CS-Chauffeured Services
Covid and passenger services
16 July 2020

You travel safely with a car that kills bacteria and viruses. My Range Rover Discovery sport is a real virus killer. Thanks to the anti-bacterial and anti-viral coating applied to the entire interior, neither bacteria nor virus survive. The coating is active 24/7 for 12 months.

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Yvan's CS-Chauffeured Services
03 April 2020

Precautions: - The interior of the car is treated with an anti-bacterial coating. This coating has been tested on SARS with excellent results (Google "coated" for more information) - After each ride, the car is additionally disinfected with Dethol wipes. - Before boarding, passengers are asked to disinfect their hands with alcohol gel. - As long as the measures imposed ...

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