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OFCORES is the international specialist in corporate & institutional events. Our team of creatives manage your event, cover the entire communication flow, create a true experience of your brand and play with the integration of technology. Let professionals deal with your congresses, conferences, product launches, internal/team events, virtual events and any other challenging project you imagine. 



  • An experienced European event company specialised in business and institutional events.  
  • Strong assets in event marketing & event technologies.  
  • Discover a service level beyond your previous experiences.  
  • We work strongly together with your organisation, everything we do for you is shared on a workspace 'in the cloud' and your intellectual property.  
  • High quality level guaranteed with passionate experts to reach your targets.  
  • Solid experience in digital related events, a passion for entrepreneurship and extremely interested in digital innovation.   

"No stress, high impact & maximum return on your events, our core business gives you the opportunity to focus on your core business."

11 reviews on Ofcores - 10/10

Catherine Frideres

BlueInvest Day 2020

Ofcores demonstrated high levels of efficiency and professionalism in helping us organise this event. Their true edge is in bringing innovation and design to the event experience, so that it is "not just another conference". Was a pleasure to work with them, and I strongly recommend.

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Jo Van den Wijngaerde
Expert|Soundfield nv|

always top and off! ofcores :)!

jb and sofie's team grows day by day, the quality of their events as well, not least the quantity. since the very beginning we have been privileged to be their sound and light partner with Soundfield, and we hope to remain this ofcores! good luck to the entire ofcores team, in brussels and ghent, and who knows where else!

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Barbara D'hondt
New|BAM - Belgian Association of Marketing|

Trustworthy and reliable partner

OFCORES is a trustworthy and reliable partner for BAM for many years already, delivering excellent support in event management and proposing new technology solutions to optimize our events. The team delivers qualitative services in a very efficient and creative way, bringing every event to the next level!

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Joost Renson
New|Plant a Flag|

Congress Collaborations

We worked together with ofcores for several events and were always surprised by their level of excellence. The team brings a lot of different skills and expertise to the table, making it easier to think outside the box & make the impossible possible.

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Anne Vallès Meunier

Amazed by the professionalism!

Once again it was a real pleasure to work with OFCORES in Strasbourg. It was not our first collaboration but the first one abroad. I was amazed by their professionalism. In half-day everything was set and ready to go. During the event, they bend over backwards to ensure a top class event for us. The team worked hard and always with a smile. Thanks and looking forward to our next event together.

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Bénédicte Blondel
New|Bénédicte Blondel / (IAB Europe 2012-2014)|

Excellent team of international event specialists

I worked with OFCORES in the organization of the IAB Europe annual Congress in Barcelona in 2013: they took care of every single details from sponsorship management to logistics and event marketing, in a very smooth and collaborative way. They came up with innovative ideas to bring our event to the next level. I can only recommend!

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Kadija Taffah

Great professional support!

We have been working with Of'Cores for the past 3 years and are extremely satisfied. Of'Cores is a trustworthy and reliable partner who understands your needs and quickly reacts to find suitable solutions to any situation you might encounter in the planification and oragnisation of your event. We are happy to continue our fruitful collaboration with Of'Cores.

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Joz Motmans

Off''Cores is working with the best

As board member and previous conference organizer for The European Professional Association for Transgender Health (EPATH), we choose to work with Of''Cores for our third European Conference in 2019. As a brand new organisation, with a steady growing interested membership, EPATH benefited largely from the experience and professionalism of Of''Cores. From conference location search to final post-event survey, and everything that falls in between, we could count on their input, ideas, preparation, and implementation. Everything is done with great care and flexibility, and always with great planning and transparency and - most important - patience and friendliness. Off"Cores was for us the right partner at the right time, taking our organisation to the next level of professionalism. I can truly recommend working with them!

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Kivanc Akil

Great Partner!

We are into our third year of collaboration with Of Cores and would recommend them without hesitation. Entire team's flexible and solution-minded approach, coupled with friendly and no-stress approach relieves a huge load off our internal team to focus on the success of our flagship event, Masters of Digital.

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Nathalie Prieto

Great Event Company !

We have been working for 3 years with Of Cores for the organization of our congress which takes place in December. Both on logistics and operations, we recommend OfCores, a company full of ideas and young talents!

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Dave Barron

Great events partner!

The EDAA has been working with Of'Cores for two years now on our annual event, both in Brussels and internationally. Our last event in London in 2017 was a great success; the venue, logistics, and registration process all ran smoothly, with a great visual identity, leaving our in-house team to focus on the content. Of'Cores provide an impeccable service, consistently challenging the status quo to produce results. Everyone working with Of”Cores is highly attentive, and this shows in the care and detail that goes into their work. They’re a valued extension to our team, we’re delighted with the collaboration and recommend them highly.

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