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TymNet is a young and dynamic company that focusses on the following question: How can we simplify the stream of information at events?

Our solution is TymNet, the digital backbone of your event. We simplify your cable infrastructure by creating a stable and secured network that enhances your current workflow and explores new implementations for your suppliers, your visitors and your internal staff. Even in the most remote locations and in high density environments we provide a reliable (wireless) network either through fibre, through 4G or by integrating both. Now all your on-going communications stream through one secure network without ever interfering.


We believe that technology should adapt to people and not the other way around. That’s why we designed TymNet to be easy to set up, easy to use and highly adaptable, you decide how much you want to run on the TymNet-network and TymNet grows according to your needs.



Event WiFi and so much more

A flexible and fast set-up for all your operational communication (mobile offices, VOIP’s, intercom, cash registers, digital signage...)

A safe and reliable network for CPOP’s, emergency management, camera surveillance...

WiFi for your internal staff, for your suppliers and Guest WiFi.

Innovative solutions to enhance your customer experience and your onsite and online interactions (Social wall, live streaming...)

Technology that enhances human communications.



We go the extra mile

We integrate your entire AV-network in our system. TymNet enables you to send video, light and sound signals from and to different locations inside your own location/ network and beyond with nearly no-latency (invisible for the human eye and ear). As a cool extra we provide our own streamer that enables you to share videos on your server, in your cloud and on your event-page or embedded on your corporate website

Simply put, TymNet is the digital partner for all your events.

We look forward to your next challenge!

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