Best of 2015: TOP 20 Most Clicked Headlines

Best of 2015: TOP 20 Most Clicked Headlines

Funny, sexy, controversial, sensational... That's right, it are the 20 best read articles of 2015!


Just like every year, we compose a TOP 20 of the best read articles of the year. Traditionally, a lot of 'sensational' items appear in the list. But in 2015, has brought you also serious, extensive and touching journalism. But of course, you already know that. 


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The complete TOP 20 best read articles of 2015:



1. How to Select the Right Catering Set-Up


2. TIP! - Checklist for Event Venues


3. Bring Innovation Back to Your Events


4. Help Your Sponsors Get H-App-y


5. TIP! - Get More Out of Speakers at Your Event


6. 7 Essential Tips for Hybrid Events


7. Brilliant video mapping on... the table


8. 6 Tips for Drones on Your Event


9. 5 Creative Tips for Satisfied Congress Visitors


10. Sleeping Audience? Revamp Your Presentation Style


11. Going to the Toilet will become a True Experience on Festivals


12. Gay Marriages are From Now On Legal in the United States


13. What Type of Event Planner are You?


14. App Transforms Smartphone into Microphone for Participants


15. SEO Tips for Event Websites (part 1): 6 Keyword Must-Do's


16. How to Deal with Streaming Apps Periscope and Meerkat on Events


17. American Festival Organizer SFX About to Collapse


18. DJ Ruins Event with Fire Extinguisher: 18 People Wounded


19. Organizing Events in New York, the Sequel - Part 1: Dos-and-Don'ts


20. Event Industry Hit Hard by Terrorist Attacks in Paris



Newt week we will reveal the TOP 10 most watched episodes. Stay tuned!


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