Gay Marriages are From Now On Legal in the United States

Gay Marriages are From Now On Legal in the United States

The American Supreme Court of Justice has ruled that it is from now on legal for gay people in the entire United States to get married. That's not only good news for the gay community, but also for the American event sector.


A marriage between to people of the same sex does not conflict with the American constitution, rules the Federal Court of Justice in Washington D.C. in a historical statement. The supreme judges voted for allowing gay people to get married by only the smallest possible margin.


The supreme American justice office rules that from now on, states cannot forbid such a marriage. This ruling means that people of the same sex can marry in all fifty states.


Golden age for wedding planners

Quite a few American wedding planners, event locations, caterers can expect good times for business. After all, quite a few gay people are now expected to actually get married.

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