Help Your Sponsors Get H-App-y

Help Your Sponsors Get H-App-y

Planners are always thinking how to make the event app experience the best for their attendees, but what about your sponsors? How can you make your app more appealing to them?


With event apps evolving from more than just a place to see the updated event schedule, you have multiple opportunities within your app to allow you to add value to your sponsors.


The one thing that sponsors care about is making sure that their investment is worth it. They want to see measureable results from year to year and your app can help you with that. Within your event app there are three areas that you can sell to your sponsors to give them optimal visibility, help them capture leads and ultimately give them a positive ROI experience.


More Visibility = Happy Sponsors

When you contract with a sponsor to be a part of your event, they are always looking to get the most bang for their buck. They want more than just their logo at the entrance of the event or more than a mention during a speaking slot, they want optimal visibility. That is where the app comes in. There are multiple areas within the app that you can sell to your sponsor.

  • Sell banner ads on your apps home screen to sponsors. When an attendee clicks they will be directed to a specific link given to you by the sponsor. This is an opportunity for the sponsors to show their website, link to a demo or visit their social site.
  • Offer premium listings for the top sponsors. They will be listed on the top of the exhibitor list so that attendees don't have to scroll through to find them. Through the analytics you will be able to tell your sponsors exactly how much views or clicks they received.
  • Sponsored push notifications to allow sponsors to send a specific message to attendees. It could be about a workshop they are sponsoring, a cocktail hour, or whatever they think will add the most value.

Give Them Leads

Want to make your sponsors see value in your event? Then give them some leads that they can nurture and turn into clients! With a lead retrieval module exhibitors can scan a barcode on the attendee's badge using their smartphone or tablet. Once the badge is scanned you will have the attendee's basic info from their registration and by enabling a lead form, your sponsors can add in extra information from speaking with the attendee.


You can take things a step further by customizing the lead capture for specific exhibitors if they are looking for certain details from attendees. Maybe they want to know what their products of interest are or specific details about their job functions like how many events they plan per year - you can add this service into their lead retrieval.  


Pack Their Booth

No one likes being at an empty booth - that goes from both the exhibitor and the attendee. You want to be kept busy and not feel like you are forcing conversations. In order to help facilitate the process for your exhibitors, as the event organizer you can create gamification within the app. An example could be to set up a scavenger hunt for attendees where they have to scan exhibitors badges and get answers from exhibitors on certain questions. This starts a conversation between the exhibitor (sponsor) and attendees.


You can also use iBeacons to derive traffic to certain exhibitor booths. As part of their package you will add an iBeacon to the booth and send out a notification when a user is close. This will also be able to track the foot traffic to their booth.


In the end, just remember that your sponsors are investing and spending money on your event. If you want them to return next year as a sponsor then you need to make sure that you are giving them the best opportunities to have a positive ROI on the event. To see how one event app can help you achieve greatness for your sponsors, head over to


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