DJ Ruins Event with Fire Extinguisher: 18 People Wounded

DJ Ruins Event with Fire Extinguisher: 18 People Wounded

Disaster struck at a party in the German town of Vohenstrauss, when the DJ decided to pull a little joke with a fire extinguisher.


The DJ wanted to surprise the partying crowd with a foam extinguisher and set the mood. What he was holding, however, turned out to be a powder extinguisher, with which he covered the hall and about 450 party-people.


18 people were wounded, some because of inhaling the powder, others because the substance was launched into their eyes. Fortunately, the powder is not bad for one's health. However, it did cause a lot of panic. As people tried to rush out of the hall in a stampede, some people were trampled or crushed and had to be treated for broken bones and bruises.


The DJ's dumb joke cost him about 100,000 euros.

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