#RedAlert colored event sector red - IN PICTURE

#RedAlert colored event sector red - IN PICTURE

At the beginning of August, we shared an international call to turn the events sector red on 11 August. The campaign was well followed. A photo overview.

The event supply chain is on the verge of collapse and urgently needs more support to survive the Covid-19 crisis. 'Red Alert' is Plasa.org's international initiative, which received support from all over the world. Our editorial team collects the photos that visualize the restrained but strong protest. Do you have any pictures of your own? Then share them as a post on the business page of your event company or venue.

An international photo overview:

SSLRent cvba
#RedAlert by SSLRent in Hasselt (Belgium / Ethias Arena)
SSLRent cvba|
07 February 2022

#RedAlert by SSLRent cvba at Ethias Arena Hasselt. In collaboration with MVRental (lasers). Fixtures by Chauvet Pro.

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