Are you Ready for the 'Rush' at Events?

Are you Ready for the 'Rush' at Events?

Will it finally happen? Can we organize plenty of events again soon? Fortunately it seems that way again. So the most important question is: are you ready for it?

"It has been clear for a long time that we all need and want to get together at events. And now that the measures are being relaxed again, we see an exponential demand on", says Kevin Van der Straeten (Founder). "Festivals are confidently announcing their editions for this summer. Wedding venues are almost fully booked for the next two to three years and companies are also craving teambuilding, company parties and customer events."

Tips for event organizers

Whether you're organizing a festival, corporate event or wedding, it's going to be a busy period for event locations and suppliers. A few tips:

  • It becomes more important than ever to book in time ! You can quickly find the best suppliers and venues for your event via the search engine .
  • Make clear agreements about cancellation conditions, just in case. That way, both you and your partner know what to expect. Also include the scenarios where stricter measures would be introduced, for example scanning covid-safe tickets, mouth masks, 1.5 meters, ...
  • Arranging last minute things could be difficult. Both materials and personnel are scarce. Make a Checklist with the event management software so that you don't miss a single detail.
  • You can also quickly create moodboards and scripts with our free event software.

Tips for event locations and companies

Our event sector was hit very hard. What you can do now is prepare as best you can so that you don't miss any opportunity. If you want to score now, it is more important than ever to take action and get your marketing in order. And contrary to what you may think, it doesn't have to cost you money .

You can now do these actions without a budget:

  • Make sure your event company or location is found . That is and remains the basis. Is your company not yet found on Create a free business page right now (click on the 'add your company' button and choose the free variant if desired).
  • Place posts on your business page, share beautiful and inspiring cases. Event brands can have meaningful interactions with their target audience through posts, and our users can pin those posts to their moodboards as inspiration for their events. Place your first post on your business page now.
  • Make your business page attractive to organizers and clients. Update your business page regularly so that your texts, contact details, ... are up to date. Beautiful photos really make the difference. Uploading photos is completely free.
  • Collect reviews. The review platform is open to all business pages on our site. Reviews increasingly drive the choice of organizers, just as it has been for years with hotels and restaurants. Logical right? If you could choose between an event venue or company with dozens of positive reviews or one without any appreciation... What would you go for yourself? You can read more about the importance of reviews for our industry and how to collect reviews here.
  • Place the review widget on your own website . By placing the review widget you also convince the visitors of your website faster to choose your company and you also collect qualitative reviews via your own website. If you have a professional business page, you can take it one step further and integrate it with our API. This link also ensures better findability in search engines such as Google and Bing!
  • Also give the rest of your online content a good overhaul. There are opportunities on marketing platforms such as your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, .... Tighten everything again. Share beautiful cases that underline the power of 'live'. Also work on your ranking in Google.
  • And as an event professional you can of course also use our free event planning software.

6 months free business page

From our side too, just as we have done in recent years, we want to help event companies and locations to rebuild their business. Good findability, strong reviews and an up-to-date presentation are essential. therefore offers all companies 6 months free* a professional listing on our platform (*voucher code valid until 28/02/2022 and only if you have not used a free trial before). Create your professional business page now or upgrade your existing free page from your account. Use the discount code ' REBUILD '. You take out a subscription with, but you can stop that if you want (you can even do this before the first renewal so that you don't pay anything, put a reminder in your agenda for this).

Our editors are also ready for you

Do you have news to share? Post it on your business page. We are happy to assist our advertisers in streamlining their communication and sharing news. We cannot continue to do what we do for our beautiful sector without the support of our advertisers.


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