14 Elements that Will Increase the Well-Being of Your Attendees

14 Elements that Will Increase the Well-Being of Your Attendees

People want to feel cared for, and no matter how unique your event experiences are, they will mean nothing if they don’t also incorporate your attendees’ well-being.

For example, imagine rushing your guests through the coffee break just to have more time to listen to different panel speakers. You may think you’re providing an added value, but without the necessary rest periods, people will feel drained and tired. Attending to your guests’ basic needs for recovery, debriefing, and relaxation is what makes the event experience truly meaningful and memorable. The more you focus on your attendees’ well-being, the more you show how much you care about them. Here are some things you’ll want to add to your event design to increase your guests’ welfare. 

Matcha and lavender tea

Healthy snacks 

Meditation sessions 

Origami workshop

Board games for the attendees 

Solve complex puzzles 

Fitness breaks

Natural light

A walk in the nature

Plenty of water 


Fresh catering 

Recovery naps 

Yoga break

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