17 Healthy Alcohol-Free Drinks Your Guests Will Enjoy

17 Healthy Alcohol-Free Drinks Your Guests Will Enjoy

Although it’s not crucial for the overall experience, the event bar is part of the networking dynamic, because it encourages socialization and interaction. However, there’s nothing more annoying, for a non-drinker, than to approach the bar only to see that his or her options are limited to just a few types of soda or juices, compared to the crazy variety of craft beers and wine.

Not a pleasant thing to imagine, especially if you don’t drink alcohol and you try to lead a healthy lifestyle, meaning no soda or juice. Water would work, but it’s truly boring to interact with other people while holding a glass or bottle of water. To keep this from happening and make sure that everyone has fun at your event, we’ve put together a list of 17 healthy, alcohol-free drinks your cocktail caterer can offer your guests. 

Melo Fresco 

Raspberry Mint Lemonade 

Blackberry Fizz 

Whortleberry Sour 

Fine and Dandy 

Blue Diamond

Guava and Watermelon 

Gingered Cocopine 

Sparkling Strawberry 

Summer fruity cocktail 

Mint Cooler 

Chili in my citrus 

Raspberry and Elderflower Bellini 

The Monument 

Blackberry Elder 

Bitter Fruit Cup

Pomegranate Kombucha 

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