Events & Technology: RFID

Events & Technology: RFID

Identifying visitors remotely - that's what RFID does. By linking RFID to online interaction, you can intensify the experience of your event even further. A fantastic breakthrough, but is it for any event?


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that is built into tags that can be incorporated into badges or wristbands. RFID makes it possible to store information in the tags that can be read remotely. As in the case of the Tomorrowland wristbands.


One drawback to this technology, however, is the relatively high production costs. Many start-ups have been engaged in RFID technology, but some of them have since dropped it or have refocused on other applications. The technology also poses questions in terms of the privacy of participants.


But if you're organizing a large event, RFID remains a fantastic solution. You can offer your participants all sorts of fun applications, like automatic likes and sending out friend requests on Facebook. It can also be used for security (crowd control), and the management of transactions such as payments, information retrieval etc. RFID offers many advantages. But if you're running smaller events, it would be best to wait for the costs to come down or to rather invest in alternatives.


With this 'Events & technology' series we will inform you about the latest technologies that may have a significant impact on the way we organize events in the future. We will provide a brief overview of how these technologies work and what potential benefits they offer. It’s up to you to keep an eye on whether they can do something for your events or your target market.

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