New Ticket Trend: High-Tech Smart Bracelets

New Ticket Trend: High-Tech Smart Bracelets

Besides the dance festival itself, the new wristbands from Tomorrowland can also be considered world news. In his blog 'Apparently this matters' every week on the CNN website, Jarrett Bellini sheds light on the latest social media trends.


"Tomorrowland is already fun before you even get there", writes Bellini. The special festival entrance bracelets are supplied before the start of the festival and it’s literally delivered right to your doorstep in a 'treasure case', with a key. An online video tutorial shows you how to 'unlock your happiness' with the 'magical key'. Your bracelet comes in a box and you can activate it online with a personalized code.


Next, you connect it to your Facebook account to 'fully unleash its magical power'. Your bracelet is then armed to make friends instantly. "Back in the day, we used cheap bourbon and old war stories to make friends. Somehow, I feel as though I've just turned 72."


"At Tomorrowland", Bellini continues, "you and your new pal just need to be near each other while you press your 'heart' buttons at the same time." The next day you'll receive an email with all the contact details of your new friend. "A lot has changed since 2003 when I came home with a ton of email addresses after a trek through Europe. At that time that's what you did if you wanted to keep in touch."


Entrance Ticket 

At the same time your 'magic' wristband is actually your admission ticket to the festival. "There's no paper", he writes, "and that's the new trend in ticketing: high-tech smart bracelets."


Tomorrowland is not the only festival that uses wristbands. According to Bellini, Lollapalooza in Chicago took it a step further this year, and the festival became completely 'cash-free'. With your entrance ticket/bracelet you can also pay for your drinks and snacks, thanks to radio frequency identification. The wristbands are linked to your credit card. But, after too many beers, things may possibly go wrong. Swept up in the excitement of the moment, you may just end up spending too much!


Magic light show

It was a complete surprise to the unsuspecting masses who gathered in front of the main stage, where Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike wanted to begin their set when suddenly, approximately 60,000 wrists lit up due to the green lights hidden in the bracelets. For the audience, it was a magical moment. "It hadn't been announced," said Debby Willemsen, spokeswoman for the festival, "although it had actually been planned, so it came as a complete surprise."



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