No meeting, conference or class due to corona? Our streaming can help you
16 March 2020

The coronavirus has everyone in its grip. Since public gatherings are no longer allowed in Belgium, institutions and companies have to cancel their activities or allow them to virtually continue. Not only cultural and sporting events are the victims - anyone who organizes school lessons, courses, conferences, meetings or church services must also look for an alternative. Let's stay connected, is TymNet's motto. Our company specializes in streaming and network solutions for large and small live events, each of which is now affected. Just like them, we have to accept that reality, because public health comes first. At the same time, we want to make a special effort to deal with these unforeseen circumstances as well as possible, together with all organizations. How do you replace a physical event with a virtual meeting? For most organizations, streaming offers the ideal alternative. Teachers, managers or fitness instructors can also continue to do their job online. And wouldn't it be a shame to throw away that play you spent months on? You can still show the audience the fruits of your hard work via live streaming. Because the corona virus affects everyone, we try to make our service as affordable as possible. We offer our streaming packages at reduced prices especially for the lockdown. Together we find out which package suits you best! Basic live streaming This basic package is suitable for those who want to stream in one direction. Think of a lecture, a course, a lecture, a theater piece, a session in the fitness. Thanks to our Videon streamer you can stream live on various channels, such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, but also via your own streaming platform. Your advantage? You can share the stream quickly and easily online with everyone or only with the people you invite. Recording video 1 PTZ camera: € 185 1 microphone: € 25 1 videon: € 65 Lockdown package price: € 250 Streaming with live interaction Are you organizing a meeting where people at multiple locations communicate in real time? Do you teach a class where many questions are asked? This expansion pack makes you feel like the speaker and audience are in the same place. Via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) we connect our Videon video encoder to the network from both (or more) locations. Participants only need a URL. Your advantage? You do not share the stream online with everyone, but only over your own network. Your own VPN therefore guarantees the security and confidentiality of your network. Your advantage? This package allows live interaction with a delay of only two seconds (as fast as Skype for Business). Here, the Virtual Private Network ensures that your connection remains secure and confidential. Recording video 1 PTZ camera: € 185 1 microphone: € 25 1 video encoder: € 65 Viewing video 1 video decoder: € 65 Screen + speaker: € 125 Lockdown package price: € 300 or € 410 including screen and speaker Streaming for large groups Are you organizing a conference or meeting for a significant group of people? This streaming package is ideal for live interaction on a large scale. We set up a VPN bridge with two routers (or several) at different locations. One video encoder can carry up to 30 decoders and thus allows you to send the recording to 30 different locations. Your advantage? This streaming allows live interaction with large groups of people. Thanks to a Virtual Private Network, security and confidentiality for each participant is also ensured. In addition, we monitor the video streaming in our cloud, which also guarantees a constant high speed. Recording video 1 PTZ camera: € 185 1 microphone: € 25 1 video encoder: € 65 Mini router and VPN via TymNet Cloud: € 80 Viewing video 1 video decoder: € 65 Screen + speaker: € 125 Mini router and VPN via TymNet Cloud: € 80 Lockdown package price: € 450 or € 560 including screen and speaker The following applies to all packages: Do you not have a network yourself? The minimum required upload speed is always 6mbps. Don't have a network? Wifi2Go, a portable network with 10GB, is available from us for € 150 (for longer periods other bundles are also available on request) From order to delivery How does that material get to you? To start, you can pick it up free of charge from our warehouse in Wilsele (Leuven), where we explain everything in detail. Do you prefer to have the package delivered? That is also possible, with the enclosed manual (€ 0.60 / km). If you want to be completely free of worries, our employees will install the entire network themselves, for € 250 anywhere in Belgium (including transport). You can order via the link below, email, telephone and Messenger. All elements are also available separately. Are you not sure which solution is suitable for your meeting? Our specialists are there to help you. Contact us.

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