Livestreaming App Meerkat is Quitting

Livestreaming App Meerkat is Quitting



In 2015, Meerkat came with a new phenomenon: livestreaming. Qik had tried it before, but Meerkat was the first who broke through with livestreaming and who also conquered the hearts of event planners. Facebook and Twitter copied the idea. A killing blow to Meerkat.


It just goes to show that it does not always pay off to be the first to have a good idea... It turned out that rival Periscope would win the dash for success when it was bought by Twitter for 100 million dollars. And Facebook too launched its own streaming service this year. Meerkat turned out to be no match for the technology giants and takes its app from the app store.


The company makes a different move with a new app: Houseparty. Last month the Meerkat developers worked in secret on the new app, with which you can quickly have video conference calls with a group of 8 people at the same time. This app also offers quite a bit of potential for smaller events.


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