Facebook Launches Live Streaming Feature

Facebook Launches Live Streaming Feature

After Meerkat and Periscope, social media giant Facebook joins the live experience.  


You can give the page of your event just that little extra by using the Facebook live streaming app. You can allow your attendees/fans to enjoy the show or take an exclusive peek behind the scenes. An ideal way to sell your last free seats or to make the tickets for your next edition even more wanted.  


Simple and quick

You go to your page, you click on the box where you share your messages and you choose the 5th option: livestreaming. Then you can share the footage up to 30 minutes and your fans can comment. Your video will then simply be posted on the timeline. Simple, quick and perfect for showing your event to the public even more.  


Meerkat is no more

Until recently Periscope and Meerkat were the big players in the livestreaming scene, but Meerkat has given up and is focusing on other aspects. In the face of merciless competition, their number of users was plummeting. Meerkat was famous because of the media and technology festival SxSW, where users made live reports of the conferences and the atmosphere for a week.

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