Drone Knocks Out Woman at Event

Drone Knocks Out Woman at Event

In the Canadian region of Québec, a woman lost consciousness when a drone landed right on her head. It happened on 11 June, when the 38-year old Stéphanie Creignou visited an event.


On video footage of another drone, you can see how the drone went down at considerable speed, landing right on the woman's head. The impact knocked her out and gave her a whiplash. She was brought to the hospital immediately.



The culprit was a DJI Phantom 3, which was piloted by Rosaire Turcotte. He has no idea why the 1,28 kilogram weighing gadget crashed.


The professional drone company VTOL-X Drones, which filmed the event for the organisation, has told PetaPixel that Turcotte hadn't taken the right precautionary measures.


According to CEO Flavio Martincowski, the man did not have the right permits and he flew too close to the spectators.


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